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Ethnography In Business To Business Markets. A Guide On What, When And How

Written by Jennifer Strange

This whitepaper introduces the subject of ethnography, an increasingly popular means of getting closer to the lives and behaviours of customers by observation. Put simply, it is living a day in the life of customers by wearing their shoes.

White Paper

How Questions Change What We Think And What We Do

Written by James McNeilis

Market research, and asking questions in general, has the power to drive customer behaviour. This is known as the question-behaviour effect. The purpose of this white paper is to explore how it works and the advantages that can be gained from this.

White Paper

Running a Successful Brand Tracking Programme

Written by Ian Marshall

Tracking performance and positioning is a key element of any successful brand strategy. Here are 10 important steps to follow to ensure a successful tracking programme.

White Paper

Millennials In Mind

Written by Thomas Grubert

Generational differences between Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials is a hot topic. What does it all mean for B2B marketing and business strategy?

White Paper

How to Compete in a Commoditized Market

Written by Claudia Knod

In order to counteract buyers who seek to commoditize their suppliers, a b2b company has to find ways other than lowering its prices to differentiate its offering. This white paper outlines how exactly a company can do this.

White Paper

Online Versus Telephone; Which Is Best in Business to Business Market Research?

Written by Marc Brokenbrow

The data collection methods used by market researchers have changed dramatically over the last two decades. For b2b market researchers, online surveys and telephone interviews are the main data collection methods. This paper examines the use of these two most popular data collection methods in b2b market research.

White Paper

What Is the Future for B2B Focus Groups?

Written by Simi Dhawan

Focus groups have always been a popular research method in communication studies or ad testing. However, in b2b research, they are more niche and their use has declined in recent years. Is this because focus groups are not appropriate for today’s business to business marketer or is something else going on?

White Paper

Employee Research – a Neglected Treasure Trove of Market Intelligence

Written by Colette Stevens

This white paper explores the opportunity to gain unique and valuable market insights by tapping into what is often a neglected source for marketers – employees.

White Paper

The Secrets of Assessing B2B Market Sizes

Written by Ian Marshall

Knowing the size of a market is a fundamental requirement for all marketing plans. The market size is a measure of the potential available to a company and it is the starting point for developing a marketing strategy. This paper discusses how market size can be assessed.

White Paper

Two of the Most Important Statistical Tools You Will Ever Need

Written by Kyle Cockett

This paper will examine two statistical research techniques designed to help organisations to go beyond the basic and gain a much deeper understanding of customer needs and loyalty – MaxDiff analysis and derived importance.

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