Understanding Product and Pricing Strategy

Our end-to-end solution for product and pricing research is designed to help b2b businesses innovate successfully and profitably. We work with clients to understand customer needs and how to meet them, and implement a sustainable pricing strategy to avoid leaving ‘money on the table’.

Ideate Filter Plan Monitor and support


Spot gaps in customer needs through research, observation and co-creation with customers to generate and screen new product and service ideas.


Use product trials, concept research and smoke tests to understand which innovations are most likely to succeed in market.


Size the potential market opportunity, test pricing and profitability, simulate market outcomes from introducing new or updated solutions and get your 4Ps in place to hit the ground running when your innovations reach the market.

Monitor and support

Monitor the success of your solutions in-market by combining internal and market data. Use “what if” scenarios to understand the effect of optimizing your product portfolio.