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The healthcare sector covers an array of organizations providing goods and services to treat patients. As a leading medical market research company, B2B International has experience throughout the value chain from research and development to manufacturing and the supply chain, all the way through to the point at which the patient receives their care.

In addition to research focused on goods and services to treat patients, we have conducted market research from the healthcare professional perspective, covering products and services that support healthcare workers and administrators, as well as positioning research for hospitals and health systems, including research to inform:

  • Healthcare professional and administrator satisfaction with technology to support patient care in hospitals and health systems

  • Trends around retirement plan offerings in healthcare settings

  • Branding and messaging of healthcare organizations including message/customer value proposition testing

Below we outline additional examples of the types of research studies we have completed in pharma, biotech & labs, healthcare services, and medical equipment, devices & supplies.

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Our Healthcare Market Research Experience

Healthcare Market Research Experience - Healthcare Services

Examples of studies completed:

  • Customer experience/loyalty to track satisfaction on key metrics over time including delivery, availability of products and customer service, empowering our client to keep its finger on the pulse and become customer-centric.

  • Product development to offer ancillary services beyond transactional delivery of products in line with customer needs, in order to build customer loyalty and grow share of wallet.

  • Market segmentation to identify the needs of decision makers from a supplier and to determine the characteristics of customers which best suit the value proposition, enabling our client to prioritize time and resources.

  • Needs assessment of healthcare environments to understand what customers require and value from a cleaning and hygiene partner, in order to inform proposition development for a new market segment.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Business / Practice owners

  • Healthcare professionals including specialist roles (e.g. surgeons, oncologists, radiation therapists) as well as physicians (family practice / general practitioners), pharmacists, veterinarians and opticians

  • Facilities and estate management

  • Purchasing and procurement decision makers

  • GPOs

  • Industry opinion leaders

  • Patients

Clients we’ve helped:

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Pharma, Biotech & Labs Research Experience

Healthcare Market Research Experience - Pharma, Biotech & Labs

Examples of studies completed:

  • Persona development to identify different customer typologies and their needs and requirements from a supplier.

  • Needs assessment to understand how reference materials are used by labs and how needs and requirements differ.

  • Customer loyalty / satisfaction research to understand how well a supplier of filtration and purification products is meeting expectations.

  • Product development research to test the appeal and benefits of a new technology including predicted uptake.

  • Buyer journey research to discover and validate the buying process of preclinical services to assist our client with their go-to-market strategy for its new proposition.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Users of analytical standards and reference materials in labs

  • Users of products e.g. lab mangers/directors, test technicians, lab analysts

  • Various decision makers including those responsible for supply chain partners, marketing and products and services used

  • Private, public and university labs

  • Patients

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Medical Devices, Equipment & Supplies Research Experience

Healthcare Market Research Experience - Medical Devices, Equipment & Supplies

Examples of studies completed:

  • Ongoing brand health tracking to assess brand metrics such as awareness, consideration and use of the brand over time along with performance of brand and marketing communications.

  • Brand perception research to understand how brands are perceived in the market in comparison to key competitors, identifying white space for the brand to ‘own’.

  • Needs assessment to understand the key challenges and pain points faced by the target audience allowing for identification of where future opportunities may lie.

  • Purchase journey research to understand the decision-making unit and to build a clear picture on where decision makers look for information, as well as what and who influences the purchase journey, to inform sales and marketing materials.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • C-Suite (CEO, COO, Chief Medical Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer)

  • Procurement, finance and purchasing decision makers

  • Clinical management e.g. clinical director, department manager

  • Facilities and estate management

  • Industry opinion leaders

  • Patients

Clients we’ve helped:

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