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Online Versus Telephone; Which is Best in B2B Research Projects?

The data collection methods used by market researchers have changed dramatically over the last two decades. For b2b market researchers, online surveys and telephone interviews are the main data collection methods. This paper examines the use of these ...

Written by Marc Brokenbrow
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What Is the Future for B2B Focus Groups?

Focus groups have always been a popular research method in communication studies or ad testing. However, in b2b research, they are more niche and their use has declined in recent years. Is this because focus groups are not appropriate for today’s b ...

Written by Simi Dhawan
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The Secrets of Assessing B2B Market Sizes

Knowing the size of a market is a fundamental requirement for all marketing plans. The market size is a measure of the potential available to a company and it is the starting point for developing a marketing strategy. This paper discusses how market ...

Written by Ian Marshall
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Two of the Most Important Statistical Tools You Will Ever Need

This paper will examine two statistical research techniques designed to help organisations to go beyond the basic and gain a much deeper understanding of customer needs and loyalty – MaxDiff analysis and derived importance. ...

Written by Kyle Cockett
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A Guide to Measuring Brand Health

The role of a brand in developing a loyal and profitable customer base and providing a strong differentiation from competitors, has never been more important. Being able to effectively measure brand health, therefore, is crucial for brand strategy su ...

Written by Catherine Firth
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The Future For “Communities” in B2B Research

Online communities are virtual communities that interact with each other over the internet. How valuable is this technique in professional and industrial research? What does the future hold for this technique? We take a look in this white paper. ...

Written by Paul Hague and Julia Cupman
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Do Emotions Play a Part in Business-to-Business Decision Making?

The workplace is full of decisions and many of them are costly. The cost can run to many thousands if not millions of dollars. With such large sums at stake, we would expect decision-making to be far more rational than our choice of toothpaste in the ...

Written by Paul Hague