As business-to-business market research specialists, it goes without saying that we have a rich seam of experience in terms of different industry sectors, clients, types of research and techniques. All of these are elements you would expect from a trusted market research partner.

However, we believe that one of our biggest strengths comes from our thought leadership capabilities. We think the best findings are those that successfully marry existing analytical approaches with genuinely fresh perspectives. This comprehensive collection of our thinking on business-to-business research is testament to this rigorous, ideas-driven approach. In short, we go beyond knowledge.


Buyer Journey Research

Understanding the path to purchase is vital in driving brand preference. And crucially, it begins long before considerations on the likes of product features and price. Buyer journey research allows you to step into the buyer’s shoes and identify t ...

Written by Julia Cupman & Karen Hoffman

From Good To Great – Best Practices In Benchmarking

If you can’t benchmark your brand, you can’t better it. With this in mind, we have identified 8 tips and insights on how to better your brand through benchmarking, drawing on our best practices and insights from our global databank of several hun ...

Written by Julia Cupman & Adam Jones

Five Golden Rules for Keeping Employees Happy

Here are five golden rules for keeping staff happy that we have learned from the dozens of employee surveys we have carried out over the past 18 years. ...

Written by Paul Hague

Growth Strategy: Up, Up and Away

There are so many different ways in which to deliver growth, and all should be considered for viability. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore how you can find new opportunities for growth and adapt your ...


Product Strategy: Act Your Age

At which stage of their life cycle are your products? This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore how you can develop a new product strategy. ...