Buyer Personas: How to Research, Develop and Activate Buyer Personas in B2B

Buyer personas are becoming an increasingly important element of the business-to-business marketer’s toolkit. This article outlines seven key points to bear in mind when researching, developing and activating B2B buyer personas in your organiza ...

Written by Jennifer Strange & Conor Wilcock

The Future of Work

The world of work is rapidly changing as technology continues to accelerate and industry embraces further degrees of automation. At the same time, AI is beginning to take machine capabilities towards greater-than-human levels of critical decision-mak ...

Written by Thomas Grubert

5 Top Tips for Western Companies to Ensure Business Longevity in China

Since the 1980s, over 40,000 international companies, ranging from MNCs to SMEs, have been trying to enter the Chinese market, hoping to share a piece of that moreish and tempting China pie! However, many have either failed in their aim of market ent ...

Written by Stephanie Teow

Bridging The Gap Between Market Research & Strategy Consulting

There is a commonly held view that market research and strategy consulting are highly distinct industries. Traditional market research is understood as the act of gathering information about customers’ needs and preferences. Market research provide ...

Written by Tom Percival

How to Build Customer Lifetime Value Using Research

A focus on relationship-building is vital in order to increase satisfaction and engender loyalty. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore why building solid customer relationships is so important. ...