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From the humble beginnings of newspaper advertising in the seventeenth century to the dawn of the internet, resulting in many new advertising opportunities, the world of the advertising industry has never been as diverse as it is today.


Publishing, Media and Advertising Market Research

A lesson we have learned from all the advertising market research we have carried out over the last decade or so is that media advertising in its traditional sense no longer carries the clout it used to. Our advertising effectiveness research has told us that business managers are bombarded by communications and it is not surprising that many of them are dazed and confused.

New media has appeared on the scene and traditional media such as print and television have suffered as a result of these changes. Because they have had such a large share of the communications market in the past, they are inevitably the losers at present.

It is also important to remind ourselves that these traditional media tend to be the most expensive parts of the communication mix. Digital media is generally less expensive, even though it is more experimental and uncertain. Print publication titles have embraced the internet to enhance their overall media footprint but have they done this at the risk of cannibalizing their core businesses? The battleground between different types of media has intensified.

Publishing, Media and Advertising Market Research


Media and Advertising Market Research Experience

We’re well versed in all aspects of new and traditional advertising market research. Our extensive experience in TV, radio, print, publishing, direct mail, interactive, digital and cross-media research means we’re one of the leading B2B advertising market research companies in the world.

Media and Advertising Market Research Experience

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Media and Advertising Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

A leading online advertising network approached us to help them develop and bring to market a novel cashback rewards scheme. A series of alternative business models needed to be tested, and our client wanted clear direction on which merchant categories to concentrate on at launch.

What We Did

We undertook an in-depth interviewing program with senior marketing managers at 35 of the top 100 online retailers. Interviews were conducted over the telephone, and included a significant element of open discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of different business model concepts, which were shared in advance of the interview. Attitudes to potential marketing messaging and collateral were also gathered.

The cashback platform was successfully launched, with significant interest from a wide array of merchants. The initiative helped to drive much-improved traffic levels to the shopping and comparison portal, generating incremental sales and revenue for our client and their merchants alike.

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