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When your company is considering making an acquisition, it is essential that you are armed with as much knowledge as possible. Usually, acquisition targets are new to the potential purchaser, making the level of uncertainty even greater.

Acquisition studies form an integral part of the due diligence process. Some of the key questions acquisition research typically answers are:

  • What do suppliers, distributors and other market players think about, and know about, the acquisition target?
  • How big is the market in which the acquisition target operates, and how will this market develop?
  • What are the acquisition target’s routes to market?
  • What are the risks that need to be considered?

A collection of publications on the subject of acquisition research are shown below:

White Paper

Scoping Out Alliances And Joint Ventures

Written by Daniel Park

This white paper is the first of two white papers that are concerned with the development of a company by means of operational and strategic alliances. As business generally becomes more globalised, the incidence of joint development is increasing.

White Paper

Managing Alliances And Joint Ventures

Written by Daniel Park

The first section of this two-part white paper (Scoping Out Alliances And Joint Ventures) was concerned with scoping out and evaluating possible opportunities. This second white paper is concerned with the specific management challenges that are posed by collaborative structures.

White Paper

Guiding Acquisitions and Investment Policy

Written by Paul Hague

The sizeable sums involved in acquisitions, and the dire implications they have on a company’s future, demand that these decisions are in the hands of the senior team running the organisation. But, what is the role of research in acquisition studies?

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