Customer Segmentation Research

Optimize your marketing strategies with customer segmentation research

Delve into the diverse needs of your target segments to develop tailored offers that truly resonate. By leveraging customer segmentation research, you can significantly enhance customer lifetime value by identifying and addressing unmet needs.

Sharpen your customer value propositions. Statistics show that less than half of B2B marketers feel confident in their ability to communicate effectively through compelling value propositions. By pinpointing and understanding the key customer segments that matter most, you can craft sales and marketing strategies that align closely with your customers’ specific requirements. This targeted approach is facilitated by our precise customer segmentation research, designed to highlight distinct customer profiles and their unique preferences and expectations.


Our approach to customer segmentation research

Using the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) framework to develop compelling offers for each segment.

customer segmentation research - CVP framework

  • Leveraging the Customer Value Proposition (CVP) Framework: Our customer segmentation research utilizes the CVP framework to meticulously develop targeted offers for each distinct customer segment.

  • Understanding and Applying the CVP Framework: The Customer Value Proposition is crucial—it represents the total benefits a customer gains from a product or service. It encompasses all features and benefits and the way they are communicated to customers. Each brand’s CVP should be precisely tailored to meet the varying needs of different segments within the target audience.

  • Implementing the CVP Framework: Our method involves employing the CVP framework during specialized workshops as part of a comprehensive segmentation go-to-market strategy. A robust CVP must satisfy the 3D test—it should be distinctive, desirable, and defensible, ensuring it stands out in the marketplace.


The benefits of customer segmentation research

Customer segmentation and needs research can help segment your market and enable an effective marketing strategy, leading to a competitive advantage in the marketplace. B2B International will show you how to:

  • Differentiate products/services in line with your customers
  • Improve your competitive positioning by identifying your customers’ needs
  • Shape your product offering and pricing strategy to fit the markets with the most potential
  • Provide focus on your customers so that you can:
    • Concentrate on providing profitable products or services
    • Target marketing and selling effort

Case study: Helping Fellowes to better understand the needs and challenges of paper shredder users

Fellowes provides workplace solutions which range from shredders, binders, laminators and staplers through to workspace health solutions, storage solutions and air-cleaning/purification solutions. The focus for this project was on the shredder market.

The overall aim of the research was to better understand the needs and challenges of paper shredder users in a post-pandemic landscape and observe the impact of a changing work dynamic on shredder usage.

Find out how customer segmentation research was used to identify opportunities for Fellowes and reveal some of the key challenges that paper shredder users face when thinking about purchasing a shredder and when using a shredder in their day-to-day role.

customer segmentation research


Case study: Using technology-adoption profiling and customer needs research to support Ligentia's global strategy development

Ligentia is an international supply chain solutions provider focused on data driven supply chains. With innovation and evolution being core to Ligentia’s growth, the business is acutely aware that primary research among customers and prospects is key in supporting strategic development.

Ligentia needed to validate key themes with a customer and market view as part of a planned refresh of the brand and build out of the product portfolio and marketing collateral to support the next chapter of global growth, to ensure that all developments were based on real market requirements and needs.

Ligentia required customer segmentation research to better understand market requirements and needs. Not only did this research need to investigate the impact of trends beyond COVID-19, but it was also necessary to predict future challenges and how customers are looking to change their operations in response to these so that Ligentia could continue to develop market-leading solutions and services.

customer segmentation research case study


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your customer segmentation research investment

Personas / Segment Profiling
Bring your customers to life and gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges in order to more effectively market to them.
external communications
External Comms
Helping you identify and push compelling customer value propositions that resonate with your audience and give your brand a competitive edge.
sales battlecards
Sales Battlecards
A “cheat sheet” used by account management and sales teams for engaging with a customer or prospect.
social media monitoring
Social Media Monitoring
Actively listening to your target audience across multiple channels to identify what they want, how they behave and what they think of you.
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