Why Clients Use B2B International

B2B International is the largest B2B market research company in the world. We provide tailored business solutions for our clients which facilitates their resulting insight and strategy development.


Our experience

Clients may come to us for many reasons…

  • We have carried out over 4,000 B2B market research projects across every continent and every industry vertical allowing powerful cross-industry experience we can share with every client
  • Our focus on B2B markets and the fact that we have a team that encompasses the most experienced market researchers, statisticians and strategy development consultants in the industry
  • We aren’t just researchers! We use the research insights we collect to help drive tactical and strategic action and provide insights in a commercial context
  • Our ability to manage every stage of a project in-house enables us to obsess and deliver back the most thorough and robust piece of research possible
  • Our many published books, articles and white papers on research have positioned us as the B2B thought leaders in the field of marketing and business-to-business market research
  • We have pioneered new research techniques and introduced new models and frameworks now used by hundreds of corporations across the world
900+ clients including half of the world’s largest 100.
4,000+ B2B research programs resulting in the best practices in B2B.
Deep industry knowledge researching 22 industry verticals and 200,000 professionals annually.
Global footprint; 145+ countries researched spanning 45 languages.
Client first, quality obsessed, flexible and responsive, with an NPS score of 67.
Customer satisfaction starts from the inside out; 92% staff retention rate, with less than half the industry churn rate.
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So why do clients keep on coming back to B2B International?

We aren't solely interested in clients using B2B International once. We like to create long-term relationships where we work alongside our clients every step of the way. After all, every project we work on isn’t our project; it is your project.

Explore our case studies

We take pride in putting our customers front and center; committed to understanding their business objectives and how we can help them achieve them through tailored research programs. Don’t just take our word for it…


Akzo Nobel

“B2B International showed diligence, professionalism, resilience and adaptiveness to deliver highly valuable insights. A sincere thank you for meeting our expectations successfully.”


“B2B International did a great job in what was a specialist and difficult study to bring clarity and useful recommendations.”


“Very good market intelligence that will be invaluable in helping us understand the market landscape and formulate our strategy. Once again many thanks for the excellent report.”


Our approach

So what sets B2B International apart from other B2B research agencies?

  • No hidden fees – we believe in transparency
  • No ‘black boxes’ surrounding our data analysis or analytical tools we use
  • No limit to the duration of time we spend communicating with different teams within our client
  • No arbitrary, upper limit to the output we produce
  • Flexibility in pursuing analysis that joins together your internal data and the external insight we have collected
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Our values

There are three key values on which we have built the company as it exists today:

We have the experience!

Our history in B2B market research dates back over 40 years. We therefore understand B2B markets better than anyone else and are the B2B research experts.

We have the knowledge!

We understand that knowledge is the foundation upon which every decision is made. From all the information we gather we are translators of knowledge for our clients, which enables them to make strategic and tactical moves with confidence.

We are committed to you!

Everything we do is with our clients in mind. It is our commitment to you that if you come to B2B International, we will help you do better business in the future.

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