Metals Market Research

The metal industry includes manufacturers of non ferrous products as well as iron and steel. It covers companies that process metals by casting, forging, extrusion and rolling. Some companies make the raw materials while others process and fabricate metals into finished goods. It is an industry that has been impacted by new materials such as plastics and yet it has continued to grow because metals are strong and durable and can be recycled again and again.

Wide Client & Category Experience

Our research experience covers virtually every corner of the metal industry.


Metal production

We have researched primary and secondary metal manufacturing. Ore to billets, billets to steel plate, rod to wire, billets to castings and metal powder to sintered components.

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Metals are often fabricated and we have researched metal forming, pressing and extrusions.



We have researched all types of coatings used for surface protection and insulation.



We have researched new methods of working with metals from mini mills to new types of joining metals.


Supply chain

We have researched manufacturers, processers and stockists – all levels of the value chain.


Customer satisfaction

We have researched what drives customer loyalty in the metals industry – at every level.



We have carried out segmentation studies based on firmographics, behaviour and needs.


Market assessment

We have researched the size and structure of metals markets in mature and developing geographies including forecasting scenarios.



We have researched the most effective communications and messages at different levels of the metals supply chain.

3 Reasons To Consider B2B International

We Know The Metals Industry

We Know The Metals Industry

We have probably carried out more studies in the metals industry than any other company. In part this is because one of our founding directors began his market research career in a metals company. It gives us an edge because we have been there and done it!

We Can Get To The People That Matter

We Can Get To The People That Matter

All good research needs to address the right audience. We regularly speak to people at all levels in the metals industry – producers of metals through to buyers of metal components. It is what we do every day.

We Know How To Find The Facts And Interpret Them

We Know How To Find The Facts And Interpret Them

Researching the metals industry is not like researching chocolate bars. You need to understand the technicalities of the products and processes and the wide range of people that influence decisions. We have vast experience of using surveys and desk research to answer every conceivable question in the metals industry.

Metals Audiences We Research

The metals industry is no different to any other – it is a mixture of huge conglomerates through to quite small companies. The buyers of metals similarly range from the large companies in the automotive sector through to small metal bashers. In fact, the industry is dominated by small companies employing on average around 20 people per enterprise.

We are always talking to production, technical, and procurement personnel. This includes the people who produce the metals as well as those who use them. We speak to them by telephone and online. We know how to get them to talk to us. We know the questions to ask to find out what drives their decisions. We do this in all corners of the earth.

Our Experience In Research In The Metals Industry

Our experience in the metals industry ranges from primary production through to processed products. It includes raw materials and commodities as well as sophisticated metal components. Have a look at our experience on the graphic.

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