As business-to-business market research specialists, it goes without saying that we have a rich seam of experience in terms of different industry sectors, clients, types of research and techniques. All of these are elements you would expect from a trusted market research partner.

However, we believe that one of our biggest strengths comes from our thought leadership capabilities. We think the best findings are those that successfully marry existing analytical approaches with genuinely fresh perspectives. This comprehensive collection of our thinking on business-to-business research is testament to this rigorous, ideas-driven approach. In short, we go beyond knowledge.

How To Do Market Research

Bridging The Gap Between Market Research & Strategy Consulting

There is a commonly held view that market research and strategy consulting are highly distinct industries. Traditional market research is understood as the act of gathering information about customers’ needs and preferences. Market research provide ...

Written by Tom Percival
How To Do Market Research

Facilitating Memory Retention

When creating reports and presenting information, we often get caught up in creating beautiful masterpieces, yet overlook how easy they might be for our clients to understand and remember. Memory is a complicated concept which many scientists have at ...

Written by Ceri-Ann Hughes
How To Do Market Research

Six Tools for Creating Impact in Presentations

It’s fair to say that most of us aren’t born with an innate ability to deliver impactful presentations – it’s a skill that needs to be practiced and mastered. Whilst there are many training courses, books, articles and blogs out there to prov ...

Written by Simi Dhawan
How To Do Market Research

Google Search Tips

As b2b market research specialists, we at B2B International are accustomed to finding answers that might not be easily available, including through extensive secondary research. We know the secrets to more successful Googling and share our top tips ...

How To Do Market Research

Ethnography In Business To Business Markets. A Guide On What, When And How

This whitepaper introduces the subject of ethnography, an increasingly popular means of getting closer to the lives and behaviours of customers by observation. Put simply, it is living a day in the life of customers by wearing their shoes. ...

Written by Jennifer Strange
How To Do Market Research

How Questions Change What We Think And What We Do

Market research, and asking questions in general, has the power to drive customer behaviour. This is known as the question-behaviour effect. The purpose of this white paper is to explore how it works and the advantages that can be gained from this. ...

Written by James McNeilis