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Aerospace Market Research

Demand for commercial air travel is on the rise, especially in emerging economies, while economic recovery means civil helicopters and business aircraft are also in demand. There’s never been a better time to get the edge in the aerospace market.

Giving you the edge in aerospace market intelligence

More than just planes, aerospace is a vast and sophisticated international industry, which also encompasses fuel, deicing, airports, retail, and traffic management - it also has a military and commercial side to it too.

A typical modern airliner has over three million parts supplied by over 800 different companies from 10 different countries, so research into this highly complex vertical demands the understanding of an extremely complicated supply chain. The aerospace industry is one of the most globally interconnected industries in the engineering sector.

our experience in the aerospace industry

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Our experience

The aerospace industry is characterised by elevated levels of consolidation, advanced technologies and lean business practices along with inflated expenses – high jet prices now account for around a third of all airlines' operating expenses. If you are looking for the edge in your industry then B2B International can help you as our aerospace market research covers many different angles, from aircraft seating and airport retailing opportunities to military plane components.

When undertaking aerospace market research and aerospace market intelligence studies, we often assess the size of the market, as well as the route to market. A clear understanding of the decision making process is key in aerospace because, once installed as a supplier, you will typically hold the business for many years.

Case study: Breaking into deicing

Business challenge

A chemical company with the capability of making aircraft deicing fluids wanted to understand how to break into this market, which is dominated by a small number of well-established players.

What we did

Of course, the opportunity for deicing fluids exists mainly in airports situated north of the Tropic of Cancer where temperatures fall well below zero in wintertime. As the aerospace vertical is well-documented, we were able to identify the top 50 most northern airports from desk research alone. We then carried out highly focused interviews with those service companies providing deicing at these airports.

Our market research enabled us to work out the size, structure and opportunities for entering the market, which were fed back to the client alongside our recommendations.

Case study 2: Painting a picture

Business challenge

Our client is a global manufacturer of coatings and paint systems for aircraft. Getting products specified in aerospace applications takes years of patience and diligence. Our client knows that once it is approved in the specification it will have a captive market unless there is a failure in the product. However, it does not want to rest on its laurels and we were commissioned to find out attitudes to the Company for its products and its services amongst airframe manufacturers and aircraft painting companies throughout the world.

What we did

This is a project that required direct engagement with senior respondents and specifiers in the aerospace industry. The concentration of the industry meant that 30 interviews were sufficient to provide a comprehensive picture across continents. Our client was able to provide a good list of contacts. Cooperation was excellent in this relatively under researched market and respondents were happy to provide feedback about the improvements they sought in future products.

Our client received high ratings for both its products and services. We were able to recommend improvements in being more proactive with new ideas and technologies.

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