Brand health tracking: Measure your brand performance over time

Brand health tracking can measure how your brand is performing on awareness and usage, brand positioning and brand performance. It will show what aspects of the brand funnel need bolstering, whether the brand position is correctly aligned with brand objectives, and where strengths and weaknesses lie in order to improve brand investment.

Brands play a very important role in business decisions, accounting for 50% in some instances. Strong brand health is therefore crucial to maintaining competitive advantage.


Our Approach: The Brand Health Wheel

brand health wheel

  • The “Brand Health Wheel” measures three important components of brand health and reveals an overall brand health score that can be tracked over time
  • Awareness and usage measures your unprompted awareness ranking within the market, and the percentage that would consider your brand if re-evaluating
  • Brand positioning measures how strongly your brand is associated with the market’s top three desired positions, and how strongly your brand is seen to be differentiated from other brands in the market
  • Brand delivery measures the overall satisfaction with your brand and the likelihood to recommend it to others

Our Approach: The Brand Strength Score

brand strength score

  1. Identify an overarching business objective and a means of measuring it within the dataset

  2. Identify the broad set of inputs that are measured within a survey that will be used in the analysis

  3. Refine the inputs to a ‘core’ set using statistical analysis and use ordered logit regression to assess the impact of all inputs on the overall objective

  4. Group the core elements using factor or cluster analysis to create clear, distinct categories of similarly themed attributes

  5. Derive performance scores for each category using a method best suited to the spread of data

  6. Derive the overall Brand Strength Score by taking an average across all categories to create a single metric


What is involved in Brand Health Tracking Research?

Most of our brand health tracking research is carried out amongst a representative sample of your target audience, rather than interviews exclusively with customers. It is just as important to know how your brand is perceived amongst potential customers as it is amongst existing customers. This can present problems in a very fragmented market where companies have a small market share, in which case we would boost the interviews with users of the brand.

We ensure we have a sufficiently large sample size so that we know that differences in the research findings between waves of the tracker are real. In business-to-business markets this can sometimes be difficult because the total audiences for certain products are measured in the hundreds or thousands and not in the many millions. We sometimes have to return to interview the same respondents after 12 to 18 months, though this is not usually a problem as respondents are unlikely to remember specifically how they answered questions in an earlier wave of the study.


Case study: Merging two successful brands into one and tracking subsequent brand performance

A leading supplier of door hardware and entrance systems and a major player in access and security solutions merged to create a new company.

Key to the success of the merger was the launch of a new combined brand – designed to build on the strengths of the existing brands, create an opportunity to showcase the wider portfolio of solutions available and develop an offer that addressed the needs of the market.

As such, our client wanted to support the new brand’s development by setting a benchmark measurement against which brand development could be tracked over time.

brand health tracking


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your research investment

Online Surveys
Advanced online surveys to high-quality, targeted respondents which offer cost savings, time savings and improved data accuracy.
Social Media Monitoring
Actively listening to your target audience across multiple channels to identify what they want, how they behave and what they think of you.
Phone - CATI / Recruit-to-Web / Depth
Data captured by experienced telephone interviewers to gather rich, descriptive data about behaviors, attitudes and needs.
Workshops / Action Planning
Internal action workshops with every stakeholder to understand the research findings, prioritise next steps and drive action.
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