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Brands in the tech sector can be both the disruptors and the disrupted: The pace of change in technology markets means that there are frequently as many opportunities as there are threats to your business. You need an agile insight partner that can help you stay ahead of your competition – wherever this might come from.

Tech market research is a specialist practice area for B2B International. Our technology insights team has worked with many of the world’s leading IT brands across a broad range of project objectives.


Our Technology Market Research Experience

Our technology market research team has considerable practical, category-specific experience across a range of tech markets.

While every client and study is unique, it helps to know that we’re familiar with your market. That means we can “hit the ground running” with potential solutions right away, without having to be briefed on the basics of your industry.

IT market research and technology market research - explore our experience

Hardware, Networking, Infrastructure, Datacenter & IT Operations

Server hardware, virtualization, networking (including software-defined networking / SDN), workstation hardware, datacenters, storage, backup & disaster recovery (DR), displays.

Security, Identity & Access Management

Cyber security software (including endpoint security, EDR, PAM, VPN), cyber risk management services, identity & access management.

FinTech & Payment Technology

Business payment solutions, merchant services, payment processing / payment gateways, online payments, eCommerce & payment wallets, mobile payments, fleet cards/payments, point-of-sale & ATM hardware, specialist financial platforms.

Enterprise Mobility, Telephony & Unified Communications

Smartphones, tablets, MDM / EMM, mobile connectivity (4G/5G connectivity), workgroup communications, telematics, M2M, Internet-of-Things (IoT), unified communications.

Print, Document Management and 3D Printing

Print solutions, scanning, copying, managed print services (MPS), document management & collaboration, 3D printing.

Business Software, SaaS & Cloud Services

CRM, ERP, marketing automation, collaboration and conferencing, software-as-a-service, office productivity, digital marketing.

IT Consulting, Distribution & Outsourcing

Business processes, digitalization consulting, managed services, technology products resale and distribution.


B2B Technology Audiences We Research

All good research starts with speaking to the right people. As tech market research specialists, getting access to the relevant technology sector target audiences is our stock-in-trade.

We place the highest importance on the quality of the data we collect – whether it’s online, by telephone or face-to-face. Below are just some of the audiences we can help you to access:
Senior management
  • CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, CDOs, Chief Privacy Officer
  • Innovation & Digital Transformation Leads
  • IT Directors / Heads of IT
In the channel
  • Distributors
  • Value-added resellers
  • Systems integrators
  • Managed service providers (MSPs)
  • IT support organizations
  • Telcos / ISPs
Specialized IT professionals
  • Systems, database and infrastructure administrators
  • Systems analysts
  • Support professionals
  • Technology architects
  • Software engineers and developers
  • Web developers / DevOps
End users and influencers
  • C-Suite
  • Compliance, Risk & Audit
  • Customer Service & Support
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • Industry analysts & opinion-formers

Custom Tech Market Research That Sets You Up For Success

We deliver IT market research that is uniquely designed for your needs. Below are just some of the studies we help to deliver for different teams:
Technology marketers and sales teams

Enterprise technology decisions are often complex, long-term purchase processes with many stakeholders influencing and shaping them. We can help you to better understand the purchasing unit, the decision-makers and influencers to optimize your sales and marketing efforts.

Product managers

Tech brands need to increase returns from existing offerings and find incremental sources of income from new, innovative propositions. Whatever the maturity of your market, we can help you to assess market reactions from initial ideas, through to go-to-market planning.

Market insight and research professionals

For B2B tech research professionals, it can either be feast or famine. Sometimes you’re overwhelmed with data and need help organizing your knowledge assets. On other occasions, you need targeted research that’s addressed at your market niche. Whatever your challenge, we have the resources and experience to assist.

Customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX) professionals

The fast-moving nature of technology markets and lowered barriers to switching mean that IT brands must be more attentive than ever to the customer experience. Click on the links below to review just some of the services we can offer to help better understand customers and to boost levels of loyalty:

Strategy groups, M&A and senior management

Investing in new opportunities and assessing the potential remaining in existing markets requires solid evidence. Our practical experience in accurately sizing and forecasting technology markets can help in planning your organization’s next strategic move.

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B2B Insights and Viewpoints in Enterprise Technology

Tech Buyer Insights

What are the forces that are most strongly influencing today’s enterprise tech buyers? Our latest State of B2B study reveals that:
IT market research
39% of b2b tech purchasers mention that they considered a brand based, in part, on the quality of its thought-leadership.
tech market research
30% of SME IT decision-makers will consider a brand for business purposes based on experiences with that supplier at home.
technology market research
A brand’s ability to portray a clear, optimistic vision of the future is a determinant in 37% of tech purchase journeys.


The ‘State of B2B’ Survey

Find out more from B2B International’s latest research into the factors that drive IT purchase decisions.

The Opportunities for Emerging Technologies

Across all the business verticals in which B2B International works, we are starting to see clear impacts from new technology across many b2b industries. Follow the links below to find out more about the size and nature of some of the opportunities that are emerging:
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