IT Market Research

Researching fast-changing technological industries requires a company with industry experience as well as a track record of researching complex new business technologies. The IT sector uses market research continuously for assessing the size of global opportunities, measuring brand strength and for developing future propositions.

IT market research experience

Working for, and speaking to, the likes of international software manufacturers, network designers and systems integrators, we have covered subjects such as:

  • SAP and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration
  • Various e-commerce implementation strategies
  • Telephony/IP convergence technology development as well as awareness, attitudes and buying processes of entrepreneurs towards the technology
  • New product development research within e-commerce and multi-channel retailing
  • European market assessment and pricing strategies for comparison shopping engines (CSEs)
  • Understanding corporate and SME attitudes to emerging concepts such as cloud computing / software as a service (SaaS)
  • Concept screening and b2b pricing strategy research for bundled IT and telephony services
  • UK market assessment for mobile telemetry
  • Market assessment for silicon in microprocessors
  • Market assessment of CRM systems

Case study: Cyber security

Business challenge

A leading business security software provider asked B2B International to assist with understanding the online security threats faced by companies across the world.

What we did

We initiated a comprehensive, multi-country tracking survey of senior IT and business decision-makers to uncover how cyber security was viewed as a business issue – particularly in the context of other risks faced by organisations. The research also sought to provide an in-depth understanding of the scale and efficacy of protective measures taken by companies of all sizes in combating information security threats.

The programme has run for several years and has been progressively expanded to incorporate the views of IT and business professionals from over 20 countries. A combination of online, telephone and face to face interviewing was used to collect the data.

Findings from the research have fed continuously into our client’s communications and product development strategies. Selected findings from the research have been reported within a wide array of industry and national press outlets, helping to substantially improve our client’s presence and authority on B2B information security issues.

Our industry expertise