Go-to-market research

Ensure the success of your new product launch

With our go-to-market research and planning, you can ensure that your innovation hits the ground running when it reaches its market. By effectively aligning the 4 P’s – product, price, place and promotion – to market circumstances and customer requirements, you can be sure of a successful product launch.

The most innovative companies grow three times faster than the least innovative ones, but just 25% of B2B companies have a sophisticated go-to-market planning strategy in place.


Our approach: Research-based Enhancement of the Marketing Mix

Go-to-market research

Detailed go-to-market research and planning enable successful market penetration. We support you in developing and continually revisiting your marketing mix and in responding effectively to ever-changing market conditions.

  • Product: Ensuring your product meets customer needs and has a strong value proposition.

  • Price: Aligning your pricing strategy using sophisticated modelling tools to help you explore your strategic options, and the impact of different variables on revenue potential and market share.

  • Place: Helping you choose and adjust the most effective distribution channels and routes to market.

  • Promotion: Developing an efficient promotional strategy balancing advertising, PR, sales promotion and direct marketing to help you drive sales.


Our Experience in Go-To-Market Research

Leveraging our extensive experience in go-to-market research, we provide actionable insights that not only guide your initial launch but also support sustained market growth and adaptation. Our holistic approach encompasses competitive analysis, buyer persona development, and market trend evaluations, ensuring that every aspect of your market entry is informed and strategic.

By integrating these insights with real-world data, we empower you to make informed decisions that enhance market reach and optimize customer engagement.

Trust our expertise to navigate complex markets and turn your product launch into a measurable success.

Go-to-market research

Case study 1: Developing a go-to-market research strategy for a new financial platform

To successfully launch a new financial platform, our client (a leading credit reference agency) identified the need to better understand their market. The new platform was aimed at the financial sector (e.g. banks), offering them a simply and quick way of verifying their customers’ identity and hence providing them with a more seamless experience. Our client aimed to gain in-depth insight into the competitive landscape, potential customers, as well as the size and structure of their market.

go-to-market research case study


Case study 2: Developing a multi-country go-to-market strategy for a new DIY app

A manufacturer of industrial tools and household hardware had launched a highly successful app in the USA. The app allowed DIYers to view how-to guides, talk to tradesmen via the app if they needed help, automatically shop all the products they need with e-commerce support. Consequently, the manufacturer commissioned us to explore the opportunity of launching the app in the UK, Italy and Canada, while also understanding the threats and barriers that would cause problems when launching elsewhere that only local knowledge could provide.

go to market research case study


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your go-to-market planning and research investment

Business Plans
Plans grounded in solid data that inform strategic decision-making and provide a blueprint for future growth.
Market Prediction Tools / Simulators
Build powerful "what if" simulators that allow your business to understand potential outcomes and make smarter decisions.
Horizon Scanning
Daily scanning of over 15k future-orientated professional news and expert sources with our AI-driven horizon scanning tool.
Product Trials / Prototype Testing
A complete range of advanced research tools to fully assess and prioritize concepts and to evaluate prototype performance.
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