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From Good To Great – Best Practices In Benchmarking

If you can’t benchmark your brand, you can’t better it. With this in mind, we have identified 8 tips and insights on how to better your brand through benchmarking, drawing on our best practices and insights from our global databank of several hun ...

Written by Julia Cupman & Adam Jones
Market Intelligence

Rehearsing The Future – Making Better Strategic Decisions

Before developing a strategy, organisations need to analyse and understand their environment, both as it is now and as it will be. The major focus of strategic decision-making is how best to ensure a fit between the organisation and its environment. ...

Written by David Seaman and Liz Barnham

Brand Equity Research: Net Value Score – The Metric For Success

Many research studies provide measures on satisfaction and loyalty, but few provide measurements on perceived value. So, there is a need for a new tool that more accurately measures perceived value; this is where the Net Value Score comes in. ...

Written by Julia Cupman and Paul Hague
Market Intelligence

Competitor Intelligence Research & Market Intelligence

Businesses now operate in a world in which information is more readily and publicly available than ever before. In this white paper, we look at the influence this has had on gathering competitor and market intelligence. ...

Written by Matthew Harrison and Julia Cupman
Market Intelligence

Profiling The Competition

It's so easy to do, and so useful, that it's amazing more companies don't do it. Profiling the competition plays an important role in four decision making areas: product planning, setting future strategies, pricing and acquisition policy. ...

Market Intelligence

Market Research And Sales Managers

The essential element of the sales manager's survival kit is good information, particularly in four areas: the company's sales, the structure of the market, detailed knowledge of buyers and the strengths and weaknesses of the company vis-a-vis the co ...

How To Do Market Research

Market Intelligence

The purposes of this article is to hopefully make your life easier in knowing how to go about gathering market intelligence and what types of market intelligence will deliver useful insight. Here are 3 steps to powerful market intelligence. ...

Customer Experience

Innovate or Die – Create Powerful Customer Insights

It has always been assumed that marketing expenditure is one of the first things to be cut when times are hard and yet historically the market research industry has been spared. At the end of the day, gathering market intelligence on what your custom ...

Market Intelligence

How To Compete Against Fast-Moving, Innovative Competitors

Entrepreneurs are now having to learn to play by a different set of rules. The strength of destabilizing forces such as digitization, globalization and deregulation are gathering pace and affecting all businesses, making it harder than ever to plan f ...


Business Models and Strategies for Competitive Advantage

High growth depends on how you set yourself up to deliver value into the market. Colin Mason at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde and Ross Brown at Scottish Enterprise report on how fast-growth enterprises design their ...