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Businesses of all sizes in all industries need to deal with an ever-changing and broad set of risks, from cybersecurity and terrorist threats to more “traditional” Property & Casualty (P&C) considerations.

Key players in the insurance and risk management sector know the value of planning and providing for the unknown; indeed, there are synergies with the role that our insurance market research can play in managing risk and enabling more informed decisions.

Below we outline examples of studies we have conducted for some of the world’s leading brands in insurance, reinsurance, risk management, and credit risk solutions.

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Insurance Market Research

insurance market research services

Examples of studies completed:

  • Brand health tracking & monitoring: Tracking our Client’s brand equity in order to assess the impact of media on brand health. The program includes benchmarking performance over time and identifying brand and advertising improvement targets to drive long-term success.

  • Market segmentation: Developing an actionable segmentation of commercial insurance buyers to determine the priority audiences for our Client, how to serve each segment (based on needs / decision drivers), and to inform the messaging strategy and value drivers to reach and engage key target organizations.

  • Concept testing research: Testing and capturing interest and feedback on a new platform solution for large corporate insurance buyers in North America and Europe, in order to inform product development and go-to-market decisions.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Decision makers for business insurance plans and coverage at small, mid-sized and enterprise organisations

  • Risk & Investment Directors at corporates

  • Retirement and investment professionals

  • Life insurance and employee benefits brokers

  • Specialty insurance buyers (including marine, identity theft, student policies)

Clients we’ve helped:


Reinsurance Market Research

reinsurance market research services

Examples of studies completed:

  • Proposition development study: Gauging the needs of target customers in the sector for a solution focusing on business continuity and business interruption coverage, in order to inform the development of a compelling and differentiated value proposition.

  • Journey mapping: Establishing the hierarchy of needs and path-to-purchase for the reinsurance decision, including the role and influencer of brokers, and key decision drivers ranging from reputation and capacity to the incumbency advantage.

  • Brand perceptions project: Understanding how our Client’s brand is perceived by key stakeholders, customers (the reinsured) and brokers, to ensure that the brand and marketing strategy is one that resonates effectively with the target market and sets our Client apart from the competition.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Actuaries, reinsurance Heads/Directors/Managers, Heads of Underwriting at reinsurance buyers, i.e. insurance companies

  • Reinsurance brokers covering a range of business lines, e.g. property, casualty, multiline, life, specialty

  • Key stakeholders at reinsurance companies

Clients we’ve helped:

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Risk Management Research

risk management market research services

Examples of studies completed:

  • Competitor assessment: Profiling the market and competitive landscape for risk management solutions in EMEA, in order to support our Client’s product development and go-to-market strategy in the region.

  • Global perceptions survey: Investigating the state of cyber risk perceptions and risk management at organizations worldwide, to provide the data and insights behind a major piece of thought leadership on the subject.

  • New product opportunity analysis: Examining the market potential for our Client in launching a new audit services platform, covering interest in the various features and benefits, key requirements and pain points, and optimal messaging to drive adoption.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Decision makers on travel and data intelligence risk management at large corporates

  • General and Legal Counsels at companies with more than 5,000 employees

  • Audit & IT professionals at accounting firms

  • C-Suite executives influencing the decision on risk management and consulting solutions

  • Senior leader in cybersecurity roles

Clients we’ve helped:


Credit Risk Solutions Research

credit risk solutions market research

Examples of studies completed:

  • Customer experience program: Measuring levels of satisfaction with our Client’s customer base throughout the decision journey to select a factoring solutions provider, to identify priority areas for improvement and to project customer churn rates based on advocacy scores and sentiment.

  • Market sizing and opportunity mapping: Assessing the size and nature of the opportunity for our Client to introduce a new product combining customer experience management and risk decisioning, to justify a go/no-go decision on further development.

  • B2B & B2C Brand Reputation Research: Understanding perceptions of our Client’s brand among business and consumer customer audiences, to help the business make informed decisions in how to keep the brand fresh and relevant.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Decision makers on invoice financing

  • Executive leadership and finance function heads at SMBs

  • Financial intermediaries brokering credit risk solutions

  • Heads of Risk and Fraud at large organizations

  • Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Credit Risk at major banks and building societies

Clients we’ve helped:


Case study: Developing a go-to-market strategy for a new financial platform

To successfully launch a new financial platform, our client (a leading credit reference agency) identified the need to better understand their market. The new platform was aimed at the financial sector (e.g. banks), offering them a simply and quick way of verifying their customers’ identity and hence providing them with a more seamless experience. Our client aimed to gain in-depth insight into the competitive landscape, potential customers, as well as the size and structure of their market.

insurance and risk management market research case study

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