B2B International is the world’s leading business-to-business market research agency. Based in Euston Tower, central London, we have additional presence in Manchester, continental Europe, the USA and Asia. Continue reading to see how we can help you with market research in London, as well as international studies.


About B2B International in London

Our expert market research consultants recognise the importance of thoroughly understood market research and use the very latest market research tools and techniques to compose tailored programmes for a wide range of business sectors.

These include IT Market Research, telecoms market research, healthcare market research, automotive market research, construction market research, energy market research, chemical market research, aerospace market research, media market research, education market research, food market research, financial services market research, logistics market research and packaging market research.

Our market research services in London

We provide specialised research services and advice on topics such as customer satisfaction research, market opportunity research, branding research, b2b pricing strategy, market entry studies, understanding market needs and market segmentation.

We are “method agnostic”, meaning we use the most effective data collection technique for your objectives. We take time to build an in-depth understanding of our clients’ goals and objectives in order to design results-orientated market research programmes. This involves using the full range of market research methods, including the following techniques:

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