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The London market research office can help with our full range of market research services for b2b clients. Our focus is on understanding what our client’s real business objective is and then tailoring the research design to suit them.

Our clients come to us with a wide range of problems and objectives, and often the projects are International in scope. The types of research that we most frequently undertake include:

What makes B2B International special?

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Why we're one of the leading market research companies in London

Clients worldwide
Trusted partner to the world's biggest companies
We've worked for 900+ different companies including half of the world's largest 100.
B2B specialists with unique experience
Our experience is second to none having conducted 4,000+ b2b research studies across every industry vertical.
Wide international reach
We've researched 145+ countries, interview around 200,000 professionals every year and cover 46 languages in-house.
Empowering brands to grow
We drive action and empower brands to grow through impactful reporting, workshops, simulators, dashboards, infographics and more.

Who do we serve?

Clients served by the London office come from across the South East of England. As well as clients in London, we regularly travel to serve clients from the south coast up as far as Cambridge, and from Kent and Essex in the East to Bristol & Bath in the West. The team is always available to travel further afield, should you wish us to meet your team at a different office – and some of our specialist consultants in London often travel overseas to work with clients when required.

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Industries we serve

The London office serves clients across a wide range of b2b industries. Because of our location, we do have specialist expertise in the following industries:

Our London market research clients

Our biggest clients that we serve in London are testament to that industry spread. Some of the clients that we work with from our London office are shown below:

Read our market research case studies

Our B2B International London team have carried out thousands of research studies for b2b clients, covering every single research type and methodology, business challenge and industry sector. To give you an idea of the work we’ve done and the results we’ve achieved for our clients, we’ve published a selection of case studies covering branding research, customer research, markets and opportunities research, product research and pricing strategy research.

Click here to view our case study collection or on the link below.

market research london case studies

market research london case studies

market research london case studies


Methods we use

We are experienced in a range of different methodologies, and normally a mixed-method approach is recommended to get the most meaningful data. As b2b experts, we are experienced with reaching niche target audiences, and have a full range of tools at our disposal.

The most common research methods we employ include telephone interviewing, online surveys, and focus groups. Our team is also experienced with ethnography, online focus groups and secondary/desk research. We do not limit ourselves to b2b research; our clients can often need help in understanding the full b2b2c value chain.

Market Research Services in London


The B2B International London team

Our market research London team are all client-facing and take the lead on project design and management. The team regularly contact and work with colleagues in our Head Office in Manchester for support with research analysis, data processing and fieldwork.

Key members of the team include:

Our market research London office

We are located in Triton Street, close to Euston Station.

If you are in the area, please come and meet the team and see our offices!


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