Manufacturing and Industrial Market Research

We research the manufacturing and industrial sector more than any other. From the heavy primary industries through to light industry and hi-tech manufacturing, no-one anywhere has more experience of researching manufacturing and industrial markets than B2B International.

Our Extensive Experience In Manufacturing & Industrial Research

We have conducted more b2b research in manufacturing and industrial markets than anyone else. We know how to research technical products. We know how to research complex markets. We know how to research customer bases that may only consist of a handful of companies. We know how to access and interview decision makers and influencers that may equally be very senior and eager to screen out research calls, or on a production line and apparently inaccessible. We know how to advise on differentiation, value proposition development and building a brand story in seemingly commoditised markets.

We understand that your market is different. Not only have we researched your target audience before, we are also steeped in experience and knowledge of all b2b markets, enabling us to blend industry-specific knowledge with best practice from across industries and provide you with rigorous advice.

Primary and Secondary Manufacturing (often referred to as commodities)


Chemicals and gases

  • Gases
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Lubricants
  • Organic chemicals

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Food and drink manufacturing and processing

  • Beverages
  • Crops
  • Food for care homes
  • Food processing equipment
  • Food technology and commodities

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Glassware and ceramics

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Steel and steel components

  • Alloys and components
  • Extraction

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Textiles & non wovens

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Engineered components



  • Components and materials
  • Lubricants

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Electronics and semiconductors


Laboratory and scientific equipment

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Telecommunications and audio equipment

Manufacturing & Process Machinery


Automation and controls

  • Building systems
  • Distribution and retail systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Transport systems

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Machine tools and process machinery

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Packaging, labelling and printing machinery

Distribution & Services


Merchants & Distributors

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Manufacturing & Industrial Associations



Safety equipment and workwear

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The Work We Do In Manufacturing & Industrial Research

Our vast experience in conducting manufacturing and industrial market research helps us to bring extensive experience from across the industry, covering the full range of research types and settings.

Below are some examples of the studies we have carried out in this industry.


Differentiation studies

Differentiating the offer, developing a value proposition and building a brand story.

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Customer experience studies

Customer satisfaction, experience and loyalty.

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New product development and product evolution studies

Including service offerings.

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Based on firmographics, psychographics, behaviour and needs.

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Ensuring the best channel to market to reach industrial customers.

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Market sizing and market opportunities

Finding opportunities in new geographies, establishing market sizes, forecasting scenarios.


3 Reasons To Consider B2B International

All of our research is 100% tailored

All of our research is 100% tailored

Our research is entirely specified around your needs and unique business challenges.

We have more knowledge and experience than anyone else

We have more knowledge and experience than anyone else

No-one is better placed than us to research technical products, complex supply-chains, inaccessible decision makers and markets that are challenged by commoditisation.

We want to help you change your business

We want to help you change your business

We guarantee that your project will be directed by a company director with advisory expertise. We go further than any of our competitors in making specific recommendations and developing an action plan with you.

Accessing Your Target Audiences

In b2b research, accessing the key decision-maker is a significant challenge. How do we interview the senior executive who leaves her telephone set to voicemail all day? What about the production line worker who has no work telephone number or email address?

We recognise that if we want business decision-makers to participate in our studies, we have to use a data collection method that suits them. Below are some of the audiences in manufacturing and industrial markets we can help you to access:


Procurement Managers

Procurement managers play a part in most industrial buying situations. Sometimes they are the key person who chooses the brand, at other times technical teams specify the brand and the purchasing team sources it. We interview procurement managers in their hundreds, every week of the year. Telephone and online interviews are typically used for this audience.


Heads of production and engineering

Production and engineering heads are often critical ‘gatekeepers’. This audience obtains feedback on your products from the hands-on production workers and field engineers. As well as having an extremely informed opinion in their own right, they are an important conduit to us accessing those that work for them. We typically interview this group by telephone, the interview doubling as a discussion as to how to reach the respondent’s workers.


Distributors, wholesalers, dealers and resellers

The fragmented, labyrinthine supply-chains of many manufacturing and industrial sectors frequently transcend several countries. From raw materials (where wholesalers are frequently used) to high value engineered products (where resellers may install on the manufacturer’s behalf), intermediaries are a critical target audience. In-depth face-to-face or telephone interviews with intermediaries are an excellent way of understanding the structure and needs of the whole supply chain.


Production line workers

The manual workers who conduct the manufacturing process are generally not ‘signing the checks’ but are invariably crucial influencers on those who make the purchase decision. If our machinery or tool is difficult to handle, the worker will quickly tell the Production Head of his frustrations. Likewise if our manufactured raw material is proving difficult to manipulate on our customer’s site. It is crucial to include the views of those using our products, not simply those who ostensibly decide to buy them. Self-completion or face-to-face interviews are frequently used to interview this group.


Field engineers & technicians

Field engineers and technicians operate offsite – installing, maintaining and repairing systems. They are typically skilled manual labour and often work in the utilities or telecoms sectors, using and installing sophisticated equipment. This group is notoriously difficult to interview: they are almost permanently offsite, and often out of phone and email range. Self-completion interviews are often used to interview this group, with telephone interviews also used where possible.


Strategic decision makers

Interviews with C-level decision makers may be necessary if your product is a strategically important, high cost item. A small number of in-depth face-to-face or telephone interviews can give the key to the whole market.


Quality Managers and Health & Safety Managers

Quality Managers and Health & Safety Managers are rarely seen as key decision makers, but in many markets are important influencers. Examples include production line components, chemicals and food. Telephone interviews are typically used.

Our Experience Researching The Manufacturing & Industrial Sector

We have conducted b2b research throughout the whole manufacturing and industrial supply-chain and across all subsectors. No-one researched this sector more than us. To see a comprehensive list of the areas we’ve researched in the manufacturing and industrial sector, click the link below to view the graphic.

The Sub-Sectors of Manufacturing We Research

Learn more about our experience in the various sub-sectors of manufacturing by clicking the links below.

AerospaceAutomotive Engineering Food & Drink Metals Paper, Print & Pacaking

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