Campaign effectiveness research

Testing the potential and real-world impact of your marketing

Our latest research shows that winning brands are successful because they understand the ‘full-funnel’ approach to marketing along with ensuring their messaging resonates with their brand position. At B2B International, our advertising and campaign effectiveness research can accurately test the potential and real-world impact of your B2B campaigns and messaging, benchmarking your performance against competitors and uncovering opportunities for differentiation.

Our campaign effectiveness research is able to measure how well a brand’s campaign compares to the competition and how it resonates with its target audience. By doing so, it provides valuable insights into the performance of marketing campaigns, ensuring that brands are able to understand and enhance their market position effectively.


Our approach to advertising and campaign effectiveness research

Four critical success factors

Our campaign and advertising effectiveness research in B2B markets has shown that there are four critical success factors of a B2B marketing campaign:

campaign effectiveness research

  • Campaign Impact: impact has 3 purposes: catching attention; driving a response; creating memorability. A campaign needs to get noticed, often on a crowded website, across noisy social media channels or in a dense publication. Preferably it should drive an emotional response to prompt an action at the time a buyer is in-market or prompt a call-to-action of some kind at the time the campaign has been noticed.

  • Campaign Resonance: It is vital that a campaign resonates with the target audience on the “3 Cs”: it needs to be clear, credible and compelling. Often campaigns that evoke an emotional response (e.g. by appealing to pain points or feelings) resonate more strongly.

  • Brand Fit: A campaign must align with the identity of the brand. Campaigns should display consistent brand elements to ensure that they support the ultimate goal of building the brand. The message, the colors, and the creative should all be “on brand”.

  • Brand Favorability: A campaign shapes brand perceptions so it is important that it increases favorability towards the brand in some way. It is therefore necessary to explore shifts in brand perceptions as a result of the campaign, e.g. if the brand is now seen as more innovative, more flexible, more trusted, etc.


Case study: Testing the effectiveness of a global ad campaign to inform creative and media placement

Our client, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, approached us to test their latest ad campaign through independent research. Despite its size, our client was still relatively unknown outside its home country, Saudi Arabia. Our client therefore planned a global campaign designed to increase brand awareness and interest in foreign markets, and to promote the company as responsible, an innovation enabler, and a brand which cares about solving the world’s problems through collaboration. Before the launch of the campaign, our client wanted to test its effectiveness in communicating those messages.

advertising effectiveness research case study

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