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Automotive Market Research

The automotive industry is becoming more and more competitive, characterised by increasing globalisation, industry consolidation, diminishing margins and excessive capacity. In such an environment, the need to make every investment decision a prudent one is paramount. Similarly there is a real need to fully understand every step of the value chain if the full benefit of investment is to be felt.

Automotive industry experience

B2B International has extensive experience in corporate positioning research and brand research, along with customer/dealership satisfaction surveys and wide ranging consultancy services to other areas within the automotive sector.

In recent years, we have conducted automotive market research in the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction research amongst UK fleet truck buyers
  • Customer satisfaction research with a new vehicle launch in Europe
  • Strategic research on improving European sales for a major vehicle manufacturer
  • Mystery shopping with UK truck dealerships to test customer service levels
  • Brand research for a major truck manufacturer
  • Consultancy advice on marketing strategy implementation
  • Due diligence research for an Italian motorcycle manufacturer

Automotive Industry Expertise

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Case study: Fits like a glove

Business challenge

Our client makes workplace gloves used in the automotive industry. It wanted to understand how the gloves are used and what wearers think of them. Much quantitative research amongst wearers had already been carried out and so it was decided to carry out ethnographic research to observe how the gloves are used on assembly lines.

What we did

Obtaining cooperation to carry out ethnographic research in automotive assembly plants is not easy. The car assemblers are concerned about security and will not readily allow researchers to walk anywhere within their factories. However, some large car and truck manufacturers provide guided tours of their plants and this allowed us to use observation to determine who wears gloves, what types of gloves they wear and what condition they are in. We also made factory visits organized in combination with our client’s sales representatives.

Findings from the automotive market research study showed that the gloves were performing well and are used correctly by the workforce. However, it also indicated that there is an opportunity for arm protection sleeves, a complimentary product to gloves.

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