Research for content marketing: Cut through the noise and create content your customers really want

Use original research and insights with your b2b target audiences to craft compelling and evidence-based marketing content and thought leadership initiatives for demand generation.

In an era of content overload, it is now harder than ever before to stand out and be noticed. Our research helps your brand to cut through the noise and create content your customers really want.


Our approach: Find your content 'sweet spot'

Research for content marketing

  • Uncover the underlying needs, challenges and motivations that content needs to meet and address

  • Understand content consumption habits – channel, format, device, time of day etc

  • Identify hot and emerging trends and topics customers will be most interested in

  • Provide original research and fresh insights to establish thought leadership and add credibility

  • Align content with business objectives and brand positioning


Case study: Providing original insights to support a client’s content marketing and PR strategy

A global provider of enterprise information security services approached us to receive insights to support their content marketing and PR efforts. Global spending on information security among businesses had grown rapidly since the beginning of the decade and the complex nature of modern IT security threats meant that organisations were devoting more and more of their overall IT budgets to improving security.

In response to these trends and the opportunity presented, our client wanted to develop a growing range of information security services and to link these services with the security challenges that may arise for customers within the client’s core offerings. To support communications around these expanding capabilities and build a “thought leadership” positioning on the subject, our client commissioned research to support marketing and PR efforts.


Example client outputs

Here are a few examples of past outputs of our content marketing research – some designed by our in-house Creative Department.

Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your research investment

Online Surveys
Advanced online surveys to high-quality, targeted respondents which offer cost savings, time savings and improved data accuracy.
Horizon Scanning
Daily scanning of over 15k future-orientated professional news and expert sources with our AI-driven horizon scanning tool.
Personas / Segment Profiling
Bring your customers to life and gain a deeper understanding of their needs, challenges and behaviours in order to more effectively market to them.
Social Media Monitoring
Actively listening to your target audience across multiple channels to identify what they want, how they behave and what they think of you.

B2B Insights and Viewpoints: What we’ve learned from doing Research for Content Marketing

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