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No company can survive without product development.

As soon as you release a new or improved product or service onto the market, your competitors are ready and waiting to emulate it and improve it for their own purposes. However, product development does not have to be revolutionary. Indeed, most products evolve continuously over time; product development must be regarded as a continuous process, not an occasional event.

The key to successful product development research lies in exploring what the market values. Our job as researchers, marketers and product developers is to convert these issues into a package of benefits that appeals to the market.

B2B International's most recent thinking on product development research is shown below:


Differentiating An Undifferentiated Product – A Conversation With Dale Grinstead

Sealed Air is a leading global provider of innovative packaging and hygiene solutions. B2B International’s Cristin Diaz recently interviewed Sealed Air’s Dale Grinstead to discuss the company’s success in hygiene solutions.


Product Strategy: Act Your Age

At which stage of their life cycle are your products? This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore how you can develop a new product strategy.


Product Development: What You Want, Baby I Got It

You are not selling a single, tangible product in isolation. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore the importance of developing an augmented product or service and why it’s crucial to increasing revenue.


Getting Concept Testing Right

Examining the potential uptake of completely new, previously unseen concepts is a delicate issue for any organisation. Indeed, many organisations struggle to successfully launch new products – mainly due to a failure to thoroughly investigate whether the product is likely to succeed before it is launched.


B2B Marketing Strategies in Developed & Developing Countries

This article discusses the different insights that tend to arise in different geographies. In particular, how do the critical marketing success factors in the developing and developed worlds differ from each other?


Nursing The Chairman’s Baby

How far can market research help to evaluate the potential of industrial innovation? Here we look at the strengths and weaknesses of its possible contribution: specially for marketers under threat of innovation-by-imposition.

White Paper

Using Market Research For Product Development

Written by Julia Cupman

This white paper shows how market research, when used correctly in product development research, will minimize the risk of failure. It also explains that market research does not always give a clear-cut answer – considerable insights and experience are required to interpret the data and visualize the opportunity.

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