Our Creative Department

Here at B2B International we believe creativity in the workplace to be so important that we have a whole team dedicated to it. From creative thinkers to graphic designers and marketers this department is where your research needs can be brought to life.


Our Creative Outputs

Customer Journey Maps
Project Summary Brochures
Creative Presentations

What We Do

The popularity of data visualization is showing no signs of slowing down and our visuals and infographics continue to ‘wow’ our clients at the end of a project.

This clever combination of words and imagery is an ideal way to turn research results and statistics into strong, powerful stories enabling information to be easily digested and actions to be taken.



Marketing Materials


Most aspects of the success of a business rely on the success of its marketing. At B2B International a large amount of our marketing materials are created in-house by a team who are enthusiastic about the company and know the brand inside out.

Our campaigns cover both digital and print; our annual calendar is one of our most well received mailers and proves to be a client favorite. Make sure you’re on the B2B International mailing list to receive yours!


Internal Communications

Here at B2B International we put focus on maintaining our strong company culture and upholding our brand values. Part of this culture is teamwork and we often encourage teams to come together through work socials and charity events.

This is another area where we can rely on our creatives to deliver high calibre graphics and marketing materials to inform everyone company-wide of what is happening and get everyone on board.

internal communications

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