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The engineering industry is one of the most diverse in the world, spanning the manufacturing of components and OEM assembly, through to maintaining machines and equipment after they are sold, so it is critical you work with the right market research company.


Providing Insight in Engineering Intelligence

At B2B International, we focus on those companies making components that are assembled into mechanical or electromechanical finished products, giving our clients the insight they need through our engineering market research expertise in this area.

Our roots at B2B International are founded out of the engineering industry with a history starting in the rubber, wire and metal rod manufacturing industry. The engineering industry is an unusual vertical in that it spans many other industry sectors, from food and drink and pulp, paper and packaging through to pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil & gas and manufacturing. With our many years of experience it is probably no surprise that we are experts in the industry having carried out engineering market research looking at diverse markets ranging from train components, bearings and turbogenerators to centrifugal pumps, boilers and packaging machinery.

As a mature vertical, the engineering industry comprises sectors with good trade associations and there is a significant amount of published data available. However, most of our engineering market research work is carried out assessing the market size, market shares and the route to market, and we have carried out a number of studies that seek out new markets in new geographic locations for new engineering products.


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3 Reasons To Consider B2B International

Our Projects Are Custom
Nothing we provide at B2B International is an off-the-shelf solution. Every study is created from scratch according to your unique requirements.
We're Impartial
We’ll give an honest and unbiased evaluation of your business challenge or problem, your market position and the opportunities available to your brand.
We Help Implement Tactical And Strategic Change
Our team of researchers and consultants will help make the most out of the research by working with you to drive the recommended tactical and strategic changes.

Engineering Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

A global leader in the manufacture of highly engineered critical components asked us to examine the opportunities in energy recovery systems (ERS). These ERSs can be used wherever there is loss of energy caused by a pressure drop or a fall of water.

What We Did

With our in-depth understanding of the sector and through a focused study of a large number of geographies, we were able to show our client where the opportunities lie globally, focusing on desalination plants, the oil and gas industry, and waste water treatment plants.

We were also able to demonstrate the alternative products that can be used in energy recovery, showing how these markets can be exploited in many developing parts of the world.

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