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As competition intensifies and markets change more quickly than ever, the need for up-to-the minute research and intelligence has never been greater.

This is particularly so when information is needed to evaluate market size, market opportunities and routes to market. Our market entry and market assessment studies are all geared towards answering some of the most difficult of business questions.

B2B International is able to give assurance to our clients through a wealth of knowledge on researching and assessing business-to-business markets. A collection of articles on the subject are shown below:

White Paper

The Secrets of Assessing B2B Market Sizes

Written by Ian Marshall

Knowing the size of a market is a fundamental requirement for all marketing plans. The market size is a measure of the potential available to a company and it is the starting point for developing a marketing strategy. This paper discusses how market size can be assessed.


Where are you growing? – Six tips for successful expansion into international markets

With the growth of a business, comes the need for global expansion into foreign markets. In this infographic we have come up with six simple strategies to ensure your business achieves international success.


Turning a profit

To increase the efficiency of a product life cycle, market research should be implemented at each stage, starting from pre-birth, right through to old age. This handy infographic highlights how market research can optimize the product life cycle.


How much is your brand worth?

How much is your brand worth? Determining the value of a brand is not an easy task. This handy infographic provides some step-by-step analysis pointers that will help you to establish an accurate brand valuation.

White Paper

Guiding Acquisitions and Investment Policy

Written by Paul Hague

The sizeable sums involved in acquisitions, and the dire implications they have on a company’s future, demand that these decisions are in the hands of the senior team running the organisation. But, what is the role of research in acquisition studies?


Market Sizing: Is There A Market Size Formula?

Two key questions unlock the door for the strategic plans which marketing directors have to prepare on any product or division within their company. Where are we going (with the product/division)? How are we going to get there? Knowledge of market size lies at the nub of this strategic planning.


The Growth Opportunity

Manufacturing enterprises have long experience of turning adversity to their advantage. David Baggaley at Locate in Leeds picks up some lessons on how to seize the moment and overcome the risks.


B2B Marketing Strategies in Developed & Developing Countries

This article discusses the different insights that tend to arise in different geographies. In particular, how do the critical marketing success factors in the developing and developed worlds differ from each other?


Market Sizing In China

One of the main objectives for many companies when carrying out research in China is to establish the size of the market. Market size information can be used to gauge the overall size of the opportunity, to prioritize segments of the market for special attention and to inform future product development and marketing strategies.


Market Research And Sales Managers

The essential element of the sales manager’s survival kit is good information, particularly in four areas: the company’s sales, the structure of the market, detailed knowledge of buyers and the strengths and weaknesses of the company vis-a-vis the competition.

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