Opportunity sizing research: Developing a business case and testing potential outcomes

Our opportunity sizing and business case development research will help you size the potential market opportunity, test pricing and profitability and simulate market outcomes from introducing new or updated solutions.


Our approach: The Directional Policy Matrix

Opportunity Sizing and Business case development

  • The Directional Policy Matrix (DPM) helps companies to develop a business case by bringing together three important decision factors: the size of the opportunity; the attractiveness of the opportunity (this could be measured in terms of growth prospects or potential profitability); and, the company’s ability to service (usually measured in terms of competitive advantage and/or market accessibility).

  • An informed decision can then be made on the opportunity itself: the business case is either proved or rejected based on robust insights.

  • The company may choose to double down based on a strong business case, leverage a “cash cow” opportunity, build credibility, or withdraw/disinvest from what would have been risky or unprofitable ground.


Case study: Developing country-specific value propositions to support the launch of a new concept

A leading manufacturer of plasma, laser and watercutting systems approached B2B International in order to establish the feasibility and attractiveness of a one-piece cutting torch consumable concept. This study (and subsequent research carried out by the client) has been focused on developed markets. To be fully prepared for the anticipated launch of the concept, the client aimed to further explore reactions of emerging markets, most notably China and India.

opportunity sizing research case study


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your opportunity sizing research investment

Business Plans
Plans grounded in solid data that inform strategic decision-making and provide a blueprint for future growth.
Market Prediction Tools / Simulators
Build powerful "what if" simulators that allow your business to understand potential outcomes and make smarter decisions.
Horizon scanning
Horizon Scanning
Daily scanning of over 15k future-orientated professional news and expert sources with our AI-driven horizon scanning tool.
Workshops / Action Planning
Workshops / Action Planning
Internal action workshops with every stakeholder to understand the research findings, identify next steps and drive action.
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