Stakeholder perceptions research: Find out what internal and external stakeholders think of your brand

Our Superpowers research has shown that it has never been so important to consider how your brand is perceived by all stakeholders. So much so, one of the key ingredients to Superpower your CX is to have a progressive approach to all stakeholders.

A stakeholder is anyone who can affect or is affected by the actions of a corporation. This can range from employees to customers, influencers to shareholders. With Stakeholder Perceptions Research you can identify areas for improvement, understand stakeholder attitudes and motivations, and ensure you are satisfying all stakeholders, providing a superior brand experience across the board.


Our approach: The Employee Engagement Matrix

Stakeholder perceptions research - employee engagement matrix

  • The Employee Engagement Matrix is way to bring together two important components of stakeholder perceptions: job satisfaction and commitment to the company

  • Often, companies focus too much on employee churn figures: this may neglect employees who are committed to the company but may be frustrated or derive little satisfaction from their jobs

  • Conversely, over-focusing on internal satisfaction scores can ignore groups of employees who are uncommitted and could easily be enticed by an opportunity at another company

  • By measuring levels of satisfaction and commitment within your business and presenting it in the Employee Engagement Matrix, you can identify stakeholder groups and the different types of support they may need


Our approach: Stakeholder consultation

stakeholder perceptions research - stakeholder consultation

Consultation enables us to identify and monitor trends, challenges and perceptions over time with specific groups of stakeholders. It therefore helps us to:

  • Identify and track needs and expectation
  • Identify and track perceptions and attitudes
  • Provide feedback on specific planned developments
  • Evaluate implementations and actions
  • Establish the brand values and positioning of the corporation as seen by others

Case study: Comparing the market perceptions of two major brands to inform post-acquisition strategies

Our client was in the final stages of an acquisition of a key competitor in the trailer parts and accessories market. This would bring together two of the largest and well-known parts brands. Our client needed independent insights to understand how the two brands were perceived in the eyes of the market, and to assess the suitability of either brand name post-acquisition. Our client had conducted similar research 6 months prior but felt that the sample size was biased in favor of one of the two brands. It required a more balanced perspective.

stakeholder perceptions research - case study

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