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Make objective, strategic decisions about your corporate and product brand portfolio through structured and representative market research.

Brand strategy research & brand architecture research will help you grow your brands and avoid the risk of cross-brand cannibalization and overlapping marketing/product development expenses.


Our approach to brand strategy: The Emotional Engagement Ladder

brand strategy research - emotional engagement ladder

Understanding the emotional connection between customers and brands is crucial in crafting effective brand strategies. At the heart of our brand strategy research is the Emotional Engagement Ladder, a tool that identifies the depth of a customer’s attachment to a brand, heavily influencing their decision-making process.

We’ve delineated four distinct levels of emotional engagement essential to brand strategy:

  • Enrichment: Enhancing the customer’s life through meaningful experiences.
  • Eminence: Building a perception of leadership and superiority in the market.
  • Empathy: Establishing a deep emotional connection through understanding and addressing customer needs.
  • Trust: Earning unwavering customer confidence through consistent and reliable actions.

Our brand strategy research evaluates the position of each brand within your portfolio on these levels, identifying those that have yet to make a significant emotional impact. This insight allows businesses to strategically position each brand to avoid market cannibalization and strengthen emotional ties with their target segments. Through a refined brand strategy and architecture, your brands can resonate more profoundly and emotionally with consumers, driving loyalty and distinguishing them in the competitive landscape.


Brand strategy research: Steering your brands towards success

A true brand transcends mere product labels—it’s what customers specifically ask for by name and stands for distinct values and perceptions. Effective brand strategy research helps clarify what makes your offerings special enough to be considered true brands and not just products.

When developing a robust brand strategy, consider these pivotal questions to guide your approach:

  • Brand Structure: Will your strategy involve a monolithic brand with sub-brands, or will you develop separate, independent brands each requiring their own distinct strategies?
  • Brand Cohesion: How do your brands interrelate under the overarching umbrella of your company?
  • Brand Distinction: What unique attributes do your products or services possess that qualify them as a brand?
  • Brand Management: How many brands can your company realistically support, considering each requires dedicated resources for marketing and development?

Addressing these questions through strategic brand research ensures your brands are not only recognized but are resilient and meaningful in the marketplace. This process helps define clear brand identities and strategies that resonate deeply with consumers, ensuring your products are perceived as genuine brands worthy of customer loyalty and preference.


Case study: Measuring brand perceptions to inform brand portfolio expansion and alignment

Our client, a leading manufacturer of industrial and medical protection solutions, wanted to expand its product range into the life sciences market and sell protective equipment for use in environments such as clean rooms, where pharmaceuticals are produced.

In order to support the portfolio expansion, the manufacturer had recently acquired a brand, which was strong in this space. However, the image of the acquired brand was very different from the manufacturer’s image. Therefore, our client needed to determine how to properly align all the brands under its portfolio while still highlighting each brands’ individual strengths.

brand strategy research - brand architecture development


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your brand strategy research investment

phone cati recruit to web
Phone - CATI / Recruit-to-Web / Depth
Data captured by experienced telephone interviewers to gather rich, descriptive data about behaviors, attitudes and needs.
Online Focus Groups / MROCs / Advisory Boards
Gather real-time, qualitative market research insights from like-minded respondents taking part in conversations and exercises around a given topic.
Business Plans
Plans grounded in solid data that inform strategic decision-making and provide a blueprint for future growth.
Workshop / Action Planning
Workshops / Action Planning
Internal action workshops with every stakeholder to understand the research findings, prioritize next steps and drive action.
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