Brand architecture and strategy research

Enhance your brand portfolio

Make objective, strategic decisions about your corporate and product brand portfolio through structured and representative market research.

Brand strategy research & brand architecture research will help you grow your brands and avoid the risk of cross-brand cannibalization and overlapping marketing/product development expenses.


Our approach: The Emotional Engagement Ladder

brand strategy research - emotional engagement ladder

  • The more engaged a customer is with a brand, the greater the emotional attachment is to the brand.  Emotions play a major role in decision making and leading brands in a market are more successful in connecting with their customers on an emotional level.

  • Through our brand strategy research, we have identified four different levels of emotional engagement: Enrichment, Eminence, Empathy and Trust.

  • Through brand strategy and architecture research, we can assess which brands in your portfolio are positioned on which steps of the ladder (as well as any which do not emotionally engage with the market in a meaningful way).

  • Armed with this understanding, companies can avoid cannibalization by aligning each brand with a specific market segment, while also striving to create stronger emotional connections with the market through each of its brands


Brand research to steer you to success

Far too many companies have product labels which they think are brands. However, a brand is something people ask for by name. A brand stands for something – something that has been engineered as a perception – not something that has simply arisen without direction.

In other words, a brand needs a strategy and, in developing one, it is worth asking these four important questions:

  1. Will you have a monolithic brand (a single brand name under which you have sub-brands) or separate independent brands each requiring their own brand strategy?
  2. How do your brands fit together under the umbrella brand of your company name?
  3. What is it that makes your products (or services) so special that they deserve to be a brand?
  4. How many brands can you afford to have given that each brand will require nurturing and feeding with a marketing resource?

Case study: Measuring brand perceptions to inform brand portfolio expansion and alignment

Our client, a leading manufacturer of industrial and medical protection solutions, wanted to expand its product range into the life sciences market and sell protective equipment for use in environments such as clean rooms, where pharmaceuticals are produced.

In order to support the portfolio expansion, the manufacturer had recently acquired a brand, which was strong in this space. However, the image of the acquired brand was very different from the manufacturer’s image. Therefore, our client needed to determine how to properly align all the brands under its portfolio while still highlighting each brands’ individual strengths.

brand strategy research - brand architecture development


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your brand strategy research investment

phone cati recruit to web
Phone - CATI / Recruit-to-Web / Depth
Data captured by experienced telephone interviewers to gather rich, descriptive data about behaviors, attitudes and needs.
Online Focus Groups / MROCs / Advisory Boards
Gather real-time, qualitative market research insights from like-minded respondents taking part in conversations and exercises around a given topic.
Business Plans
Plans grounded in solid data that inform strategic decision-making and provide a blueprint for future growth.
Workshop / Action Planning
Workshops / Action Planning
Internal action workshops with every stakeholder to understand the research findings, prioritize next steps and drive action.
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