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August 2015 / Written by

The Brand Iceberg: The Importance of Brand Influencers

For many people the word brand is associated with physical representations of the logo, the ...

August 2015 / Written by

The Brand Mirror: How Do You Really Look to the Outside World?

Positioning your brand is a crucial yet difficult task. To get a true idea of ...

August 2015 / Written by

Taking an ‘Agile’ Approach to Product Development

An article in the Financial Times last week caught our eye as ...

August 2015 / Written by

The 2016 Republican Debate: A Study In Focus Group Personalities

As a market researcher with an interest in politics and in need ...

August 2015 / Written by

The 10 Key Steps to Building a World-Class Brand

Your brand is your biggest asset. It carries your reputation and is ...

August 2015 / Written by

How to Develop an Effective B2B Promotional Strategy

For those of you who received our 2015 Calendar, you will know ...

August 2015 / Written by

B2B International Is a Finalist Once Again at the UK Customer Experience Awards

B2B International is delighted to announce that we have been chosen as ...

July 2015 / Written by

How to Engage Respondents in a World of Short Attention Spans

Modern technological advancements have transformed the market research industry. One area that ...

July 2015 / Written by

Using Behavioural Economics to Get to the Truth

As marketers researchers our job is to ask questions and get to ...

July 2015 / Written by

Building Better Customer Experiences with Market Research

Ensuring the customer is at the centre of your business decisions and ...

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