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Paper, Print and Packaging Market Research

While the consumption of paper, print and packaging continues to rise, the way we use these products is changing.

Delivering paper, print and packaging intelligence

Paper is still used for print purposes, it is still the raw material in cardboard cups, boxes and cartons and, contrary to popular belief, the digital age has not meant using less paper. The more we order online, the more card is required for packaging to cope with the delivery. That said, it could be argued that the industry has adjusted to recycling more successfully than any other.

The market is dominated by global paper companies supplying printers large and small around the world, many of which are fully integrated with plants making cardboard packaging. The packaging end of the market includes companies that have moved into diverse plastic materials, while manufacturers of glass bottles and jars have adjusted to the modern environment too, making their products stronger, lighter and recyclable.

Our experience

B2B International works with giant paper and packaging companies, as well as the trade associations representing them to find out to what extent they are perceived as companies responding to environmental issues. We have researched the market for specialised printing papers, plastic packaging materials and glass bottles – from equipment for high quality printing paper through to the twine used in baling systems.

Most of our work in this vertical is with people who buy paper to print on or packaging materials to house their products. These companies can range from the largest manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods who need state-of-the-art packaging, through to the photocopying shops that carry out instant print for local businesses.

Paper, Print and Packaging Expertise

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Case study: Gaining the advantage

Business challenge

A client, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of paper products, developed a new type of packaging aimed at food companies – a small number of which dominate the world market.

What we did

The challenge for our packaging research was that the companies in our client’s target market can be quite secretive in their views. This is a highly competitive industry, with each company seeking whatever advantage it can. Sharing ideas is risky. Nevertheless, our highly skilled interviewers were quickly able to create trust and respect amongst respondents, enabling us to fully understand the opportunities after carrying out just 30 in-depth interviews with some of the largest food producers in the world.


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