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B2B International’s experience in education sector market research spans both higher education and primary/secondary schools.

We have carried out:

  • Primary/Secondary Schools Market Research
  • College Market Research
  • University Market Research

In addition, we have conducted research on behalf of organizations servicing these sectors – for example, technology to support academic institutions (EdTech), food and facility management services, professional development, training and certification programs, etc. – as well as research to support these institutions, such as research to inform the development of new program offerings.

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Education Market Research Experience

Schools, Colleges & Universities Research Experience

Education Market Research Experience - Schools, Colleges & Universities

Examples of studies completed:

  • Satisfaction and loyalty tracking: Monitoring and tracking of key metrics to understand customer experience and satisfaction from viewpoints including educators, business decision makers and students.

  • Product development: Independent research throughout the product lifecycle enabling organizations to bring the best courses and supporting materials and resources to market.

  • Needs assessment: To understand the needs of decision makers and students enabling organizations to develop propositions and products and services in line with stakeholder needs and expectations.

  • New program offerings: To gather insights into potential new program offerings to help inform what would most be desired by the target audience (e.g. students, teachers).

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Educators and staff in primary / secondary schools, including teachers, principals / headmasters, superintendents, curriculum developers, instructional technologists, etc.

  • Educators and staff at colleges and universities, including faculty and department heads (e.g. Athletic Directors) as well as administration (e.g. CFO, President, Dean, etc.)

  • Decision makers of products and services used by educational institutions (e.g. Director of Purchasing / Procurement, Director of Auxiliary Services, etc.)

  • Potential, current, and past university students

  • Decision makers responsible for student or faculty recruitment (e.g. Director of Admissions)

Clients we’ve helped:

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Professional Development Training Research Experience

Education Market Research Experience - Professional Development Training

Examples of studies completed:

  • Brand health tracking & monitoring: Tracking brand performance over time including awareness, familiarity, consideration, and usage to inform marketing strategy and communication tactics.

  • Thought leadership research: Assisting organizations with original research covering key industry topics to capture the attention of the target audience and raise the profile of the organization.

  • Proposition development: Supporting organizations to create differentiated offers for educational products and services including course specifications, corporate education offers and e-learning.

  • Market opportunities & assessment: Uncovering and sizing the attractiveness of expansion of all types including entering new markets, developing new products, and targeting new segments.

  • Pricing: As the options available to decision makers and learners increase, understanding fee structures and pricing practices is crucial. Our pricing research has helped traditional and new digital entrants to the market determine their strategy.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Decision makers responsible for HR, Talent Management and Learning and Development

  • C-Level audiences (CEOs, COOs, Chief Learning Officers, etc.)

  • Potential, current, and past students or delegates of programs

  • Course leaders and those responsible for delivering training

  • Members and students of professional bodies

Clients we’ve helped:


Publishing Research Experience

Education Market Research Experience - Publishing

Examples of studies completed:

  • Brand equity assessment: Understanding the power of the brand by investigating brand associations and positioning within the market in comparison to key competitors.

  • Segmentation: Not all customer needs are the same; segmentation studies support prioritization of resources and developing targeted propositions rooted in customer needs.

  • Product development: Understanding the appeal of various benefits to target customers informing the product development process and the go-to-market strategy.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Educators in schools and universities

  • Users of academic publications in a range of settings such as labs

  • Readers of publications in subjects most relevant to the brand

Clients we’ve helped:

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