Education Market Research

Education markets are constantly changing to meet the needs of policy makers, learners, industry and society. This has resulted in a highly competitive global industry which needs to be in tune with market forces in order to be successful. Market research delivers valuable insights and direction to those who operate in education markets to meet current and future challenges.

Education Research Experience

Almost two decades of conducting education market research helps us to bring wide experience across the sector, covering the full gamut of research types and settings.

Every client’s objective is unique, but it helps to know that we are very familiar with the structure and challenges of your sector. This deep understanding of education markets allows us to quickly grasp your problem or issue, however complex.


Developing propositions and pricing

Developing a differentiated offer at the optimum price for educational products.



Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction of buyers and product users (teachers) at all levels within an organisation. This can be ad hoc as well as regular tracking studies.

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Student satisfaction

Satisfaction of students and learners with a range of issues including qualifications, with institutions and resources.

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Product development

Concept and product development and testing for qualifications, qualification support and training.

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Segmentation of students, staff and customers based on firmographics, behaviour and needs.

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Market assessment and opportunities

Finding opportunities in new geographies, identifying decision making processes, establishing market sizes, forecasting scenarios.


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Brand and Communications

Establishing brand values, Identifying decision makers and appropriate messages, communications testing.

RM Education: Education Market ResearchUniversity of Manchester: Education Market Research


Stakeholder Consultation

Consulting with the many stakeholders for most education institutions and organisations. This can include students (current and potential), alumni, staff (at all levels within an organisation), businesses (as employers), funders, governors and policy makers.

Educational Organisations We Work With


Awarding Bodies

Awarding bodies need to both comply with government regulations and guidelines as well as remain competitive keeping that competitive requires market knowledge coupled with creativity. We can help by delivering critical, rigorous market insight bespoke to the issue being faced, keeping awarding bodies in tune with market trends and challenges.



Developers of courses and materials/resources to support education need to stay abreast of the needs of those delivering education and learners. B2B International delivers market research to help publishers better understand the market structure and needs, particularly in times of turbulence and change, as well as testing new materials with users ahead of publication to maximise investment.


Education Institutions

Private and public sector training and education providers operate in a highly competitive framework. B2B International provides a wide range of services to deliver insight; from identifying your position in the market to establishing new and different opportunities for revenue streams.


Policy Makers

Consulting with stakeholders about potential changes to policy is critical to its successful implementation. B2B International has the skill and experience to consult openly with any level of stakeholder. This insight helps policy makers to understand the needs of the market and judge the likely impact and reaction to any policy changes, thereby facilitating a smoother implementation.

3 Reasons To Consider B2B International

We Only Do Custom Research

We Only Do Custom Research

We don’t do off-the-shelf reports. Our project designs and reports are bespoke to your needs and the issues you face. They are confidential to your organisation. We build all our research programs from the ground up, just for you.

We’re Independent

We’re Independent

We’ll tackle the brief objectively and give you an honest appraisal of the outcomes of the research, together with our recommendations.

We Design Research With Practical Change In Mind

We Design Research With Practical Change In Mind

Our B2B Advisory services mean we can help you to go further by setting strategic priorities and implementing the tactics and strategy arising from research.

Education Stakeholders We Research

Education markets are complex; they comprise many different players. For instance, we have experience consulting with and engaging with the following stakeholders:

Market Shapers & Decision-Makers

Market Shapers – Policy makers and management teams responsible for shaping education in the public and private sector.

Education Decision Makers – Senior and departmental management teams in schools, FE, HE and private training companies responsible for choosing awarding bodies, qualifications, and suppliers of resources and support to deliver education.

Teachers, Lecturers & Learners

Teachers and Lecturers – Those with responsibility for delivering education. These are often significant decision influencers.

Learners – Pupils and students engaging in or considering education.

Providers of support materials/resources

Companies and organisations developing and providing learning resources.


HR and staff development professionals looking for training and education for staff.

Our Experience in Education

We’ve undertaken studies spanning the entire education sector, from alumni research to student satisfaction and from examination and qualification boards to new course opportunities. To see the full list of areas we’ve researched in the education section, click the link below to view the graphic.

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