The telecommunications industry has undergone massive change over the past few years with the convergence of voice and data, allied with the development of new IT and telecommunication solutions.


Telecommunications Markets We Research

Even with market slow-down, the telecoms industry is continuing to commission studies to manage risk by targeting investments. With telecoms market research capabilities covering fixed and mobile communications, B2B International has conducted needs assessment research and new product development research in the following areas:

  • ISP tariffing
  • Impact of streaming
  • Telephony resellers
  • Telephony IP convergence
  • Virtual internet service providers (VISP)
  • Co-location/hosting
  • VOIP
  • Mobile internet
  • WAP services
  • M-commerce
  • SMS services
  • Location-based services (LBS)
  • Mobile telemetry
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Our team of experts will help get the most out of the research by working with you to implement the recommended tactical and strategic changes.

Telecommunications Market Research Case Study

Business Challenge

Our client, a leading global player in telecoms markets, wanted to validate the opportunity for bringing a series of new propositions to the SME market. These concepts were based around the incorporation of cloud-based office productivity solutions with conventional mobile, fixed line and data packages. They wished to explore opportunities for these new offers across 5 European geographies.

What we did

The project was conducted in two stages: First, an initial validation of the concept was tested qualitatively through a series of online focus groups, face-to-face focus groups and telephone depth interviews. The second stage was more specifically focused on defining the precise form that the offer was to take in terms of optimal product bundling and setting appropriate pricing. A choice based conjoint (CBC) research methodology was used to model and simulate different market scenarios to aid go-to-market planning.

Our client successfully launched a series of new business productivity and connectivity offers based directly on research findings.

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