As business-to-business market research specialists, it goes without saying that we have a rich seam of experience in terms of different industry sectors, clients, types of research and techniques. All of these are elements you would expect from a trusted market research partner.

However, we believe that one of our biggest strengths comes from our thought leadership capabilities. We think the best findings are those that successfully marry existing analytical approaches with genuinely fresh perspectives. This comprehensive collection of our thinking on business-to-business research is testament to this rigorous, ideas-driven approach. In short, we go beyond knowledge.

Marketing Strategy

Segmentation: Are You My Type?

No company has the resources to successfully satisfy every potential target market. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore how you can build an effective customer segmentation. ...

Segmentation & Needs

Food for thought

Effective segmentation is not easy – especially in the B2B environment – but it is the key to success. Only by appreciating the challenges you face, can you ensure your approach is correct. This infographic highlights eight segmentation challenge ...

Segmentation & Needs

Divide and conquer

Following ten instructed stages – starting from the rationale behind the segmentation, through to the final implementation – this step-by-step infographic will lead to successful business segmentation. ...


Getting People to Switch

What does make people switch? What is it that makes someone change their mind or their behaviour? These are crucial questions to any marketer and particularly baffling to the business-to-business marketer. ...

Written by Paul Hague
Segmentation & Needs

A Practical Guide to Market Segmentation

Segmenting your market is crucial for business success. Here, we outline 10 key steps you can use to carry out a market segmentation for your business. ...

Written by Paul Hague
Competitor Intelligence

Market Research And Sales Managers

The essential element of the sales manager's survival kit is good information, particularly in four areas: the company's sales, the structure of the market, detailed knowledge of buyers and the strengths and weaknesses of the company vis-a-vis the co ...

Segmentation & Needs

Market Segmentation in B2B Markets

Satisfying people's needs and making a profit along the way is the purpose of marketing. However, people's needs differ and therefore satisfying them may require different approaches. Identifying needs and recognising differences between groups of cu ...

Written by Paul Hague and Matthew Harrison
Customer Satisfaction

Implementing Organisational Service Excellence

Good implementation of service excellence can create stronger customer loyalty, worthwhile differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage. It’s therefore critical to implement well and the following should help those looking for ways to do t ...

Written by Chris Daffy

Business Models and Strategies for Competitive Advantage

High growth depends on how you set yourself up to deliver value into the market. Colin Mason at the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Strathclyde and Ross Brown at Scottish Enterprise report on how fast-growth enterprises design their ...

How To Do Market Research

The Impact of Behavioural Economics on Market Research

Market researchers are dogged by nagging doubts. Can we believe what people tell us in response to questions about their behaviour? In other words, to what extent is what people say, what they actually mean and what drives their behaviour? ...

Written by Paul Hague