Advertising Research

Promotional Strategy: Sound Your Horn

Promotion forms an important part of any marketer's remit, but are you embracing new promotional opportunities and finding the optimum promotional mix?. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore how you can ...

Advertising Research

How to Measure Sponsorship Effectiveness and ROI

Testing the effectiveness of advertising using market research is a process that has been refined over the years. However, testing the effectiveness of sponsorship is more difficult since it may be a simple matter of a brand name emblazoned on a shir ...

Advertising Research

Business Promotions & B2B Advertising: Ad Testing Research

What is the role of promotion and advertising in B2B markets and how can you measure its effectiveness? In this white paper we aim to answer the most important questions about b2b advertising and promotions. ...

Written by Paul Hague
Advertising Research

Advertising Among SMEs

In this white paper we draw together 35 years’ experience as business to business market researchers to give a deeper understanding of how b2b advertising works. ...

Written by Paul Hague and Matthew Powell