There are three ways of increasing profits: sell more, cut our costs, or raise existing prices.

Raising prices, in principle, is very easy indeed - change the price ticket and price list and tell the sales force to raise prices by 5%. Of course, once we increase prices, customers may start to look elsewhere for a better deal.

It is, however, useful to broaden the discussion on price and think about value – the trade-off between the benefits a customer receives from a product or service and the price they are willing to pay for it.

B2B International's pricing research solutions are grounded in the principles of value marketing. Our thoughts on this important topic are contained below:

Pricing & Value Research

Pricing research that brings real value

The price you charge has a fundamental influence on sales volumes and profitability. It’s vital that you get it right. We have carried out more pricing research in business to business environments than any other consultancy. It means we have a uni ...

Marketing Strategy

Pricing Strategy: Name Your Price

A well thought-out pricing strategy is crucial to optimizing both sales volume and profit. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore how you can develop an effective pricing strategy that optimizes both sale ...

Pricing & Value Research

The Importance of the Value Equivalence Line

Understanding the position of brands on the Value Equivalence Line (VEL) is important as it leads to strategic decisions on both pricing and product development. This article looks at how a brand can determine its position in relation to the VEL and ...

Pricing & Value Research

Value Marketing & Value Selling In B2B Markets

In response to increasing competition in many business-to-business markets, there is an acceptance that prices have to be reduced, margins squeezed and businesses less profitable. We at B2B International vehemently disagree with this view. ...

Written by Matthew Harrison
Pricing & Value Research

How To Avoid Competing On Price

Companies that sell raw materials or simple components face a marketing problem - how to give their products recognisable benefits which differentiate them from competitors. This article seeks to show how to avoid price cuts by adopting a more profes ...


Brand Equity Research: Net Value Score – The Metric For Success

Many research studies provide measures on satisfaction and loyalty, but few provide measurements on perceived value. So, there is a need for a new tool that more accurately measures perceived value; this is where the Net Value Score comes in. ...

Written by Julia Cupman and Paul Hague
Pricing & Value Research

The Problem With Price

No company wants to leave money on the table and so obtaining the optimum price has always been a key issue to marketers. However, asking customers to quantify the price they would be willing to pay for a product or service is one of the hardest ques ...

Written by Nick Hague
Pricing & Value Research

Pricing Research – What Do Our Customers Value?

Establishing the value that people put on the goods and services they sell is one of the most difficult tasks for the business-to-business marketer. Finding the right price is a judgement which many get badly wrong – usually charging too little bec ...

Written by Paul Hague and Matthew Harrison

Differentiation – Are Product, Brand and Service Still Enough?

Marketers are constantly searching for differentiation. Unless a company has a genuine scientific or technological advantage, preferably one protected by a patent, competitors can often match any incremental change in an ever-shortening time-scale. ...

Written by Daniel Park
Pricing & Value Research

It’s The Quality That Counts

How important is price against the other elements of the marketing mix? This article is based on experience from market research and draws a moral. ...