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The food and drink industry is one of the most diverse, value-driven and innovative industry sectors in the world. Our research experience covers everything from farm to table and includes ingredient suppliers, processing plants, producers and the ever-powerful retailers.

Below we outline examples of market research studies we have conducted across the food & beverage industry for some of the world’s leading brands in ingredient supply, food production, beverage production, and distribution and retail.

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Ingredient Supply Market Research Experience

Food & Drink Market Research Experience - Ingredient Supply

Examples of studies completed:

  • Brand and behavior measurement: Tracking brand awareness and perceptions of our Client over time, including creating a proprietary brand performance index with a view to growing market share.

  • Proposition development: Assessing the appeal of a new ingredient treatment technology among agricultural organizations and growers, to enable our Client to capture the new product’s full potential and future innovations.

  • Customer experience tracking: Gathering insights on the performance of our Client versus the competition throughout the brand and customer journey, and to identify key improvement areas and opportunities to add value.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Decision makers on ingredients/raw materials at producers in the meat and fish, dairy, grocery, bakery, confectionery, liquid food and beverage categories.

  • Purchasing and plant managers at food production facilities.

  • Technical experts at agrochemical and agricultural biotechnology companies.

  • Internal stakeholders and customer-facing leaders, including Sales Directors and Key Account Managers.

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Food Production Market Research Experience

Food & Beverage Market Research Experience - Food Production

Examples of studies completed:

  • Brand health tracking & monitoring: Tracking the health of our Client’s brand within the competitive set throughout the funnel (including awareness, familiarity, consideration, and usage) to inform marketing strategy and communication tactics.

  • Market opportunities & assessment: Evaluating the size and nature of the opportunity for our Client to move into a new product category in one of its key geographical markets, including researching competitor strengths and weaknesses, and advising on supply chain strategy.

  • Usage & attitudes (U&A) study: Mapping the buying journey for our Client’s products, and understanding the usage of those products by customers (including volumes, brand preferences and decision drivers), to identify opportunities to add value.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Head Chefs and Sous Chefs at foodservice outlets, including hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs, cafés, and leisure facilities.

  • Business owners, executive management and Procurement Directors at foodservice companies, covering independents and chains.

  • Major food wholesalers, specialized wholesalers, cash & carry businesses and retailers.

  • Packaging solutions providers.

  • Consumers who purchase prepared / ready-to-eat meals.

Clients we’ve helped:

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Beverage Production Market Research Experience

Food & Drink Market Research Experience - Beverage Production

Examples of studies completed:

  • Customer loyalty program: Building our Client’s customer research function from the ground up and conducting tracking research with various customer types to create a benchmark for customer loyalty (using NPS) and measure the impact of CX improvement initiative over time.

  • Segmentation and persona development: Understanding the needs of customers in foodservice and drinks establishments regarding the online purchasing journey, and creating distinct and actionable personas to encourage a shift to digital.

  • Journey mapping: Creating a detailed map of the customer journey – including specific touchpoints and interactions, moments of truth, pain points and opportunities to delight, through internal workshopping and subsequent validation among the customer base.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Individuals responsible for choosing the alcoholic and soft drinks providers for pubs, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

  • Drinks wholesalers and major retailers.

  • Senior executives at beverage distribution and supply chain solutions companies.

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Distribution, Retail & Foodservice Market Research Experience

Food & Beverage Market Research Experience - Distribution, Retail & Foodservice

Examples of studies completed:

  • Segmentation: Building tailored propositions for distinct groups of customers in commercial sectors based on their needs when choosing a provider of office-based vending and dispensing solutions.

  • Product development: Evaluating the needs of potential buyers of food and drink serving equipment, and testing the appeal of specific product benefits and likelihood to purchase once new concepts had been created.

  • Market sizing: Investigating the overall size of the opportunity for a new catering system into various retail and leisure sectors, and advising on the achievable revenue potential for our Client upon entering the market.

Examples of audiences engaged:

  • Office and purchasing managers responsible for the choice of drinks vending / serving machines at the business.

  • Decision-makers at food-led and drinks-led outlets, from SMEs to large enterprises.

  • Heads of Facilities, Catering Managers, and Services Directors at a range of organizations, from hospitals, care homes and educational institutions to commercial office buildings, garden centers and leisure facilities.

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