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It may be obvious, but high employee satisfaction levels reduce the rate of staff churn.

However, most of us can relay a customer experience when, seemingly "happy" staff, enjoying their place of work, display little interest in serving the needs of the customer or of the organisation. This lies at the centre of the debate about the impact of staff "happiness" at work, and whether indeed, "happiness" is what an organisation should be striving for amongst its workforce.

In-depth, tailored employee engagement research is the starting point in understanding the needs and perceptions of the workforce. Our thoughts on the subject are shown below:


Five Golden Rules for Keeping Employees Happy

Written by Paul Hague

Here are five golden rules for keeping staff happy that we have learned from the dozens of employee surveys we have carried out over the past 18 years.

White Paper

Employee Research – a Neglected Treasure Trove of Market Intelligence

Written by Colette Stevens

This white paper explores the opportunity to gain unique and valuable market insights by tapping into what is often a neglected source for marketers – employees.


Stakeholder Engagement: All Together Now

All stakeholders must pull in the same direction if you are to achieve the company’s goals. This article, part of our series on developing a marketing strategy, aims to explore the importance of stakeholder engagement and its influence on a strategy’s success.


How happy is your workplace? – Steps towards measuring and improving your staff satisfaction

How happy is your workplace? Employee satisfaction is important in the smooth running and success of any business. This infographic highlights the steps towards measuring and improving your staff satisfaction.

White Paper

Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Measuring Staff Engagement

Written by Carol-Ann Morgan

Keeping your employees satisfied is crucial. This paper explores some of the theories about employee satisfaction at work and looks at approaches to measuring and addressing the issues raised.

White Paper

Stakeholder Research & Consultation: Keep Your Ears To The Ground

Written by Carol-Ann Morgan

The past decade has seen a shift in recognition of the importance of seeking feedback and understanding the views of those who support a business or an organisation, or who have a vested interest in it.

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