Ideation research

Generating new concepts for successful innovation

Our ideation research enables you to spot gaps in customer needs through research, observation and co-creation with customers to generate and screen new product and service ideas.

Innovating products and services is a top business challenge for marketers, yet only 36% of b2b marketers rate themselves as strong performers in using a structured process for innovation. Our ideation research program enables you to systematically generate, explore and evaluate new ideas.


Our approach to ideation research: The 6 Hats Exercise

Generating new concepts - ideation research

  • Edward DeBonoe, the father of lateral thinking, introduced the idea of six hats for evaluating different ideas or concepts. The exercise is usually best employed in ideation workshops with internal stakeholders (but could also include customers and other influencers)

  • People taking part in the evaluation are given different roles, defined by the color of a hat. Those with a certain color hat must keep their focus on just one line of thinking

  • Their views will be challenges by others in the group. In this way, the idea/concept is thoroughly explored before it is approved to proceed through the product development process


Case study: Helping to bring a new pre-prepared microfibre mopping system to market

A global brand of household and cleaning products required support with their development of a pre-prepared microfibre mopping system. The project objective was to understand and define which developments in the product segment would have the greatest impact on customers with a focus on performance, cost, efficiency and hygiene. The client received our support along the initial stages of the product development process; from the idea creation, the idea screening, the discovery and the exploration.

ideation research case study


Activation services: Helping you get the most out of your ideation research investment

Product Trials / Prototype Testing
A complete range of advanced research tools to fully assess and prioritize concepts and to evaluate prototype performance.
Multivariate Techniques e.g. Conjoint
Multivariate research techniques such as conjoint analysis are used to measure preferences and determine the importance of product or service attributes.
Focus Groups
Using group interaction to identify and explore behavior, attitudes and processes, and throw light on why, what and how questions on a given topic.
Market Prediction Tools / Simulators
Build powerful "what if" simulators that allow your business to understand potential outcomes and make smarter decisions.
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