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Financial Services Market Research

From credit card companies and insurance providers to consumer finance and investment institutions - The financial services industry recognises the importance of market research in better understanding and realising opportunities within B2B markets.


Overcome market challenges with market intelligence

Diversification: Businesses that once focused on multinational clients and products are realising the importance of SMEs.

The customer experience: Negative views towards business financial services are common and customer experience and loyalty programs are becoming essential.

Differentiation: Segmentation and brand development are vital for businesses to differentiate themselves and ensure that they are not ‘leaving value on the table.’

At B2B International, our financial services market research can help you to meet the needs of SMEs in the financial services sector. Working in partnership with you, we ensure your proposition is clear and differentiated in the eyes of your potential and current customer bases.

Our approach

Our financial services offering consists of evidence-based consultancy, combining the latest market insight knowledge and techniques with top class consultancy aimed at ensuring the findings from our studies result in action. As every business requires some kind of financial services solution, the target audience is generally large so our financial services market research offering is usually quantitative.

We frequently explore diversification opportunities through needs assessment research. Working hand-in-hand with you, we may then move onto product development research to help you meet the needs of the market.

When advising you on how to increase customer loyalty, we tailor an online or telephone survey in order to reach a wide range of customers who may be contacted on several occasions over time.

In-depth feedback workshops with key accounts are a useful supplementary tool as we seek to make absolutely sure that we retain key customers. This type of project is frequently adopted and culminates in a consultancy workshop in which we develop a loyalty implementation program in tandem with you.

Our credentials for brand strategy research and b2b market segmentation implementation are second-to-none. We are recognised worldwide experts in this field and have written numerous books and papers on these two aspects of differentiation. We recognise that implementation is the key challenge for businesses developing their branding or segmentation strategies, and therefore build implementation workshops into your differentiation programme. Workshops are built to include your senior management teams and others responsible for implementing the programme, and are led by the leading practitioners in the field.

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Our experience in insurance and finance

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Case study: Growth with SME solutions

Business challenge

One of the world’s leading credit card firms approached B2B International to help meet an ambitious growth target. Key to meeting this target was the business’s diversification into solutions for small businesses. As a company whose heartland was multinational corporates, our client engaged our help, based on our diversification and product development research expertise, as well as our deep understanding of SMEs.

What we did

We conducted a global study based around 25 countries, exploring payment behaviour and market needs, both now and in the future. This formed the basis of a follow-up study comprising segmentation, CVP delivery and product testing. At the end of the programme our client successfully launched a new product in a number of the 25 countries.

Our industry expertise