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The financial services industry facilitates the management of money and includes banks, credit and lending companies and insurance companies, as well as those companies providing services and technology to support them.

In order to maintain a competitive edge, large, multinational brands that dominate the industry leverage financial services market research.


Wide Client & Category Experience

In two decades of research, carrying out 200 projects a year, we’ve acquired more experience in researching B2B financial services than any other market research company.

  • Commercial banking
  • Investment banking
  • Retail banking

The CooperativeGoldman SachsHSBC


Credit & Lending
Credit & Lending
  • Business loans
  • Credit management services
  • Credit risk services
  • Leasing and financing (for business fleets and office equipment)


GE CapitalIntrum Justitia

  • Add-on services (legal support, emergency support, supply chain, etc)
  • Broker relations
  • Commercial insurance solutions (property, liability, engineering, Financial Lines, business continuity, marine cargo insurance, intellectual property insurance, etc)
  • Reinsurance
  • Underwriting

Tax & Accounting
Tax & Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Management accounting
  • Tax and audit services
  • Tax information/publishing
  • Qualifications and certifications


DeloitteEYGrant Thornton


Financial Technology
Financial Technology
  • Accounting software
  • ATMs
  • Business payment methods
  • Cash-flow forecasting
  • Credit cards
  • Fraud management
  • Interbank payments
  • Mobile transactions
  • Payment technology
  • POS solutions



Financial Business Services
Financial Business Services
  • Bankruptcy administration
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for F&A (Finance & Accounting) processes
  • Business recovery services
  • Factoring

AmerifactorsBaker TillyBibby



Tailored Research Solutions To Help You Succeed

Our experience not only spans clients and categories but also financial market research services and solutions, including:
Branding and Customer Value Proposition Research
Branding and Customer Value Proposition Research

Understanding the penetration and positioning of key brands in the market, and helping clients to craft effective and unique value propositions.




Identifying and profiling key groups within the target audience which have similar needs, behaviors and characteristics; working with clients to target and communications with the priority segments.


Customer Experience Research
Customer Experience Research

Measuring the performance of clients and competitors, and identifying the most critical drivers of satisfaction and loyalty.

SageBaker TillyGenpact


Customer Journey & VOC Research
Customer Journey & VOC Research

Mapping the stages of the customer journey and the various touchpoints at which clients interact with their target audience; understanding the key needs and behaviors with the market by listening to the voice of the customer.


Baker TillyIntrum Justitia

Markets & Opportunities
Markets & Opportunities

Assessing the size and structure of target markets and the opportunities which exist within them; advising clients on go-to-market strategies which may involve entering a new market or building share within an existing one.

Bloomberg BNAEY


Product & Pricing Studies
Product & Pricing Studies

Testing product and ad concepts, obtaining insights which may aid product development, and determining the optimum price or pricing strategy for a product or service.



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Financial Services Audiences We Research

All good research starts with speaking to the right people. As B2B market research specialists, getting access to the relevant financial services sector target audiences is our stock-in-trade.

We place the utmost importance on the quality of the data we collect – whether it’s online, by telephone or face-to-face. Below are just some of the audiences we can help you to access:
Specifiers and end users

These are the people who specify and use financial services solutions within their organizations. Their roles vary according to the size of the business and include Finance, Administration, Legal/Compliance, Accounts, and IT/Information Systems. This audience is typically reached online or over the telephone, and occasionally face-to-face with focus groups.

Senior decision makers

In most organizations, decisions on financial services will involve a senior member of a functional or executive team, e.g. CFO, CTO, CEO, VP Finance, Company Director, etc. These people have insights that are well-suited to qualitative research. The telephone is the primary methodology used to reach and interview them.

Brokers and intermediaries

Financial services are often sold through channel partners such as brokers. This audience can yield insights about the companies whose services they represent and the companies to whom they sell solutions. We typically reach these channel partners by telephone.

Product and service providers

It may be necessary to target financial services providers themselves in order to satisfy the research objectives. These companies may also utilize business services providers, e.g. to outsource processes. We have researched decision makers at banks, credit unions, insurance companies, and tax/accounting firms. Job roles range from analysts to the C-Suite and such efforts typically require a telephone or online methodology.


Our Experience in Finance

We’ve carried out projects spanning the financial services industry, from banking, credit/lending and insurance, to the business services and technologies supporting the entire sector. To see the full list of areas we’ve researched in the financial services industry, click the link below to view the graphic.

financial services market research

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