How To Do Market Research

Laddering: A Technique to Find Out What People Value

A ladder is a tool designed to allow you to reach something otherwise unreachable. In the same way, “laddering” as applied to market research is a technique designed to acquire nuggets of information which are otherwise very difficult to get at. ...

Written by Thomas Grubert
How To Do Market Research

Improving Research Quality Through Respondent Selection

Good research comes from asking the right question of the right person. Of course, there is much more to market research than this truism. The design of the study, the interpretation of the findings and the presentation of results can be just as impo ...

Market Research Methods

Using the Focus Group in Market Research

Focus groups are essentially group discussions which rely heavily on the interaction between group members and the relationship between the researcher and the respondents. Focus groups have been a dominant form of qualitative data collection in marke ...

Written by Carol-Ann Morgan
Market Research Methods

How To Get Information For Next To Nothing

The expert desk researcher can quickly and inexpensively dig out data from a wide variety of sources to answer many of the questions that need to be asked. So, what are the best and most effective resources to use? ...

Written by Paul Hague and Conor Wilcock
Employee Engagement

How to Measure and Improve Employee Satisfaction

Keeping your employees satisfied is crucial. This paper explores some of the theories about employee satisfaction at work and looks at approaches to measuring and addressing the issues raised. ...

Written by Carol-Ann Morgan
How To Do Market Research

Forecasting & Scenario Planning

This paper considers the subject of forecasting and scenario planning, one of the biggest challenges faced by marketers in this fast changing world. ...

Written by Paul Hague
Market Opportunities

Market Sizing: Is There A Market Size Formula?

Two key questions unlock the door for the strategic plans which marketing directors have to prepare on any product or division within their company. Where are we going (with the product/division)? How are we going to get there? Knowledge of market si ...

Market Research Methods

Focus Groups

Focus groups have been refined over many years by consumer researchers, who in turn borrowed the tool from the social sciences. They comprise a small number of carefully selected people who, under the guidance of a leader, discuss a subject. ...

Market Research Methods

The Questionnaire In Postal Research

A successful postal survey is one which achieves an accurate and high response. The design of the postal questionnaire is the key to that achievement and this article looks at some ways of maximising the response of postal research - and its practica ...