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February 2015 / Written by

Developing a Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

As those of you with our 2015 Calendar will know, this month’s ...

January 2015 / Written by

Focus on Your Niche First and Foremost

An article in the Financial Times caught our eye this week. It ...

January 2015 / Written by

[Video] Where is Your Marketing Strategy Focused?

As those of you with our 2015 Calendar will know, our focus this year is ...

January 2015 / Written by

[Video] Is B2B Market Research Important?

The sales function is losing its dominance in b2b. Marketing is now exerting a greater ...

January 2015 / Written by

The Growth of Non-Rival Goods

The recipe matters more than the ingredients Take note! This is very important because it ...

January 2015 / Written by

Infographic: How to Improve Your NPS and Gain More Loyal Customers

Customer loyalty is central to driving business growth and improving your business’s ...

January 2015 / Written by

The Race for Cost Leadership in the Electric Car Market

An article in the Financial Times this week caught our eye. The ...

January 2015 / Written by

Choosing the Right Marketing Strategy for Your Business

For those of you with our 2015 Calendar, you will know that ...

January 2015 / Written by

Our Most Popular Blog Posts from 2014

2015 is here, and our market research blog is already gearing up ...

January 2015 / Written by

Making the Promotional Pound Go Further

Two articles in the Financial Times recently caught our eye. The first one referred ...

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