Explore the findings from our latest research studies into B2B markets and decision-making, plus get access to valuable insights that will help transform your B2B marketing and research strategies, with our on-demand webinar content.

On-Demand Webinar: Superpowers 2.0 – Building the Business Case for CX Agility

In this webinar, experts from Merkle B2B and B2B International will explore the findings from our recent Superpowers 2.0 research study of over 3,000 B2B buyers to identify how brands can deliver superpowered B2B customer experiences.

Duration: 1 hour


On-Demand Webinar: Millennials and B2B – The Stats and Facts You Need to Know

This session gives B2B marketers contextual backdrop as to how purchase decisions are made across generations as well as what’s driving those preferences. Actionable market insights around customer demand can help B2B businesses better respond to changing customer dynamics by accelerating their own digital transformation efforts.

Duration: 30 minutes


On-Demand Webinar: What Differentiates Today’s B2B Marketing Leaders?

In this webinar, Matt Powell, Managing Director at B2B International and author of the latest research report, “New Horizons: B2B CMO Guide To Navigating Complexity”, and Emily Anthony, Senior Director at Merkle, share new insight into the challenges faced and strategies employed by “Frontier” B2B CMOs.

Duration: 1 hour


On-Demand Webinar: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience: The Industry Series

In this new webinar series, our research experts conduct deep dives into the expectations of B2B buyers across four key industries: Technology, Professional Services, Manufacturing, and Finance. Each webinar will look at the customer journey and uncover ways for marketers to add business and personal value to their customers’ experiences.

Duration: 1 hour


On-Demand Webinar: The Generational Factors that Impact Decision Making in B2B

Recent research shows that the influence of Millennial decision makers on the B2B landscape will fundamentally change the way brands engage.

In this webinar recording, experts from B2B International, gyro and the B2B Institute share their findings on how emotions impact the customer experience and the steps brands must take to evolve and deliver against the expectations of Millennial decision makers.

Duration: 1 hour


On-Demand Webinar: Creating the Ultimate B2B Experience

Join Merkle B2B, featuring B2B International and gyro, to learn how to create the ultimate B2B Experience through four key “superpowers”.

Our expert panel will provide a preview of our brand new whitepaper on the ultimate B2B experience as well as deep dive into the findings from B2B International’s survey of over 3,000 B2B decision makers – which informed the basis of the whitepaper. You’ll have the opportunity to delve into the key ingredients that drive the ultimate B2B customer experience.

Duration: 1 hour

On-Demand Webinar: Creating the Ultimate B2B Experience


On-Demand Webinar: The Future Is Now – The Importance of Digital Transformation for the B2B World

Join experts from B2B International and Isobar as we explore how B2B organizations can create market-leading customer experience strategies in the digital age.

  • The challenges and opportunities for B2B companies when designing digital experiences customers will love

  • How to successfully balance human experiences with digital experiences

  • The true impact of investing in digital experiences and why you need to start right away

The Future Is Now - The Importance of Digital Transformation for the B2B World


On-Demand Webinar: Tea Break Talks – The New Point of View

What challenges are facing businesses as they start to emerge from the COVID crisis?

Hear from B2B International’s Matthew Powell and Conor Wilcock, together with Laura Pierce (Head of EMEA Performance Media, DWA) and Tusar Barik (Marketing Lead, Agency & Channel Partnership, LinkedIn) as they explore the impact of COVID, what the new normal looks like and how you can adjust your marketing efforts to suit this new normal and stay agile around this ever changing economic and personal environment.

Tea Break Talks Webinar: The New Point of View



On-Demand Webinar: Understanding Market Shifts During the Pandemic and the Implications for Your Business

Join our Head of Research & Analytics, Oliver Truman, as he dives deep into the findings from our global COVID-19 pandemic tracker study.

  • The economic and personal impacts of COVID-19

  • The practical challenges organizations have faced to date

  • Which industries and regions are likely to recover the fastest

  • What will change on the business and marketing agenda post-pandemic


Understanding Market Shifts During the Pandemic and the Implications for Your Business

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