Transforming Tradition: Embracing Innovation in B2B Research

Transforming Tradition: Embracing Innovation in B2B Research

In recent years, the world of market research technology (ResTech) has seen significant advancements. New tools and technologies have revolutionized various aspects of the research process, enhanced data quality, and helped to speed up project timelines.

In the world of B2B research, challenges still exist in accessing decision makers and ensuring they are truly responsible for the products and solutions we seek their views on, as well as in the time it takes to synthesize data and develop actionable conclusions and recommendations. That said, this blog post explores several examples of how B2B International is leveraging innovative solutions to enhance qualitative research projects.

Injecting AI

We have had lots of discussions around where it is appropriate to use AI. We are testing the use of AI through dentsu’s collaboration with Microsoft, we are part of the Microsoft Copilot Early Access Program which gives us access to advanced Azure OpenAI technologies in a secure manner.

One notable application is the use of AI-generated transcripts. This has significantly reduced the turnaround time between interview completion and access to the interview write-ups. This has enabled us to run pilot stages at pace, ensuring that interviews are addressing the research objectives and swiftly identify emerging themes and insights to share with our clients.

Video interviewing platforms

Whilst in-person research is beginning to reemerge following the pandemic, we have embraced video interviewing platforms to give our clients the opportunity to observe interviews firsthand.

However, finding a solution that is intuitive, compliant and can handle multiple languages has not been an easy task. Since introducing the platform, it has been invaluable in engaging client teams in the research process, particularly for exploratory research and research where we have been seeking feedback on the customer experience.

Interactive online qualitative research

The demand for online diaries and activity-based research has increased, perhaps driven by the success of these methods in consumer research. Through partnerships with leading online qualitative platforms, we can design custom online activities.

These are particularly helpful when we have stimuli to review or looking for participants to ideate around a problem or challenge. We can use activities such as video/image reviews, card sorting and fill-in-the-blank exercises. This allows for deeper engagement with participants and richer insights into their attitudes and preferences.

By adding these new tools to our toolbox, we are not only overcoming challenges that we have faced but also setting new standards for project efficiency and the quality of the outputs that we can deliver to our clients.



To discuss how our innovative B2B research studies can help solve your specific business challenges, get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.

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