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November 2015 / Written by

Launch of B2B Advisory

With years of experience in business-to-business markets, B2B International has examined almost ...

November 2015 / Written by

Product Strategy: Get to Know Your Product Life Cycle

For those of you with our 2015 Calendar, you will have noticed ...

October 2015 / Written by

Manchester Named 8th Best City to Visit in the World

Having being based in Manchester since the company’s launch in 1998, everyone ...

October 2015 / Written by

Is Your Company Susceptible to IT Security Risks?

With so many high profile cyber-attacks hitting the news in the past ...

October 2015 / Written by

German “Mittelstand” is back

91% of companies still plan new investments in 2015 German Mittelstand companies, the backbone of ...

October 2015 / Written by

[Video] How to Improve Customer Loyalty and Achieve a Leading NPS

Loyal customers are vital to business success as they provide a high “lifetime value”. Furthermore, ...

October 2015 / Written by

Channel Strategy: Successfully Appointing and Managing Distributors

For those of you who received our 2015 Calendar, you will have ...

September 2015 / Written by

How to Differentiate Your Brand

In B2B markets many products are undifferentiated and not surprisingly potential customers ...

September 2015 / Written by

Gathering Business Intelligence Through Online Secondary Research

The advent of the Internet has transformed the way we carry out secondary research. Through ...

September 2015 / Written by

Finding Success by Focusing on Your Niche

A story in the Financial Times last week caught our eye as ...

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