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October 2016 / Written by

Apples And Brand Health

The Daily Mail ran an article last week saying that an apple ...

October 2016 / Written by

A Funny Thing Happened on Our Way to Work Today (and the Rorschach Inkblot Test)

A funny thing happened to one of our researchers on route from Manchester to our ...

September 2016 / Written by

Happy 18th Birthday Google (And B2B International)

Birthdays are a really special thing. It is the one day of ...

September 2016 / Written by

The Most Under-Used Question in B2B Market Research

We b2b market researchers are guilty of asking lots of questions. ...

September 2016 / Written by

The Irresistible Dangers of Micro Targeting

If you are selling diapers (nappies we call them in the UK) ...

September 2016 / Written by

Read Our Interview With Sealed Air’s Dale Grinstead On How To Differentiate An Undifferentiated Product

With some products, there are little if any opportunities to differentiate. A ...

September 2016 / Written by

Consumer research can ruin your business health

The several thousand market research agencies in the Western world focus ...

September 2016 / Written by

Forecasting – an Art or Science?

During a briefing by academics at the London School of economics, the ...

September 2016 / Written by

Names you may regret

August is the silly season. It is the time of year, when ...

September 2016 / Written by

Who Really Won at Rio?

We researchers love “normalising” data. What we mean by this is we ...

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