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Welcome to the B2B International market research blog. From our latest market research white papers, to articles on our favourite marketing topics, or simply what’s new at B2B International, this is where we keep you up to date with everything you need to know.

December 2016 / Written by

The Most Important Thing in a Survey

Today we want to talk about the most important thing in a ...

December 2016 / Written by

The Smiley Face That Helps Surveys

We business to business market researchers are sometimes a bit too serious. ...

December 2016 / Written by

Thoughts on New Product Development

What do Leonardo da Vinci, Aldous Huxley and Stephen Hawking have in common? They ...

December 2016 / Written by

The Market Researcher of the Future

The market research industry is a well oiled machine. It knows what ...

December 2016 / Written by

Goodbye Cosy Relationships; Hello Millennials

We haven’t talked about millennials for a while in our blog. This is not because ...

November 2016 / Written by

4 Critical Success Factors For Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising is big business. Last year, a record $142.5bn was spent on ...

November 2016 / Written by

The Future for Social Media in B2B Marketing

We are forever being asked the importance of social media in business to business marketing. ...

November 2016 / Written by

Email Gaffes and Market Researchers

We had a cringe moment last week. Did you hear about the ...

November 2016 / Written by

Questionnaire Dos and Dont’s

At the heart of market research studies is a questionnaire. People may ...

November 2016 / Written by

MOSAIC™ – How To Ensure You Achieve Action From Market Research

Today we share with you a proprietary framework we have developed for ensuring you deliver ...

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