The Dos and Don’ts of B2B Marketing

Always on the lookout for interesting articles about b2b marketing, we recently came across, which contains some interesting blog posts.

And a great piece to start off the year is, of course, one that considers how B2B marketing will develop and change over the course of 2011, and how these changes should impact the way we work. So, without further ado, here are the 10 Dos and Don’ts for 2011 B2B Marketing:

1. Do make yourself visible on Social Media and don’t spend all your money on advertising.

2. Do talk about benefits for your customers and don’t talk about your business or your products.

3. Do let your customers decide how to communicate with you and don’t think you are able to educate your customers.

4. Do start building lists and don’t rely on your existing CRM database.

5. Do measure your existence on Social Media and don’t measure website visitors, pageviews and time spend on your website.

6. Do produce as much content as possible and don’t think your work is done once your website is finished.

7. Do make your content sharable and don’t be afraid if people use your content.

8. Do use standard solutions and platforms and don’t stick to your propriate solutions that none of your customers are using.

9. Do listen to your customer and don’t be the only one that is talking.

10. Do forget (most of) what you have done in the past and don’t be afraid to change.

And don’t be afraid if these changes do cost you a lot of money. It is mainly your mindset and the way you think about your customers, market, products and your business that needs to change.

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