Winning with Emotion in B2B Markets

What factors influence the decisions of b2b buyers? How important is emotion in driving buyer behavior? In the race for the finishing line, what truly makes the difference between bringing home gold and falling at the last hurdle?

To better understand the influence of emotions in b2b decision-making, we surveyed 2,000 business decision-makers from businesses across Europe, the USA and China. Our findings led to the creation of The 'State of B2B' Survey.

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About the report

Understanding the business buyer mindset stands at the very core of b2b marketing and is key to any supplier’s success. Gaining such an understanding is, however, easier said than done. Harder still is dissecting each facet of decision-making along each touchpoint in the buyer journey. To make your brand emotionally engaging throughout the purchasing process is the “Holy Grail” of b2b marketing.

The ‘State of B2B’ Survey explores how b2b buying decisions are made. We asked 2,000 business decision-makers across Europe, the USA and China who influences them and where they go for information. We asked them how many suppliers they consider, and how long all of this takes. And, crucially, we asked them how suppliers make them feel.

Entitled “Winning With Emotion: How To Become Your Customers’ First Choice”, this latest report focuses on the entire b2b buying process, from understanding how to enter the consideration set to gaining an early advantage over competitors to ultimately becoming the first-choice supplier.

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