Architecting the Ultimate B2B Customer Experience


Today’s B2B buyers are sophisticated, emotional, and more complex than ever. They need to not only see a “business value add” to fulfil their business objectives, but also a “personal value add” from brands that support their progress as individuals. B2B buyers also want information, a show of interest, clarity, and compelling benefits from suppliers to help them make effective decisions.

B2B marketers know that they need to make customer experience (CX) a top priority and create superior customer journeys. That means really understanding their customers, connecting with them, and moving past outdated strategies and tactics to deliver more personal, relevant experiences.

Through over 3,000 interviews with buyers and key decision-making influencers, we conducted a robust exploration into the B2B customer with our Merkle B2B colleagues. Our research enabled us to identify four “superpowers” that allow B2B marketers to create the ultimate B2B customer experience.

Download our report to learn about applying these four value-adding superpowers, and where in the customer journey are they most important:

  1. Reliability – full basic requirements

  2. Understanding – provide tailored and adaptable customer experiences

  3. Enrichment – directly benefit the individual decision-maker

  4. Pre-eminence – position your brand as sophisticated, modern, and a leader within your field


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