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5 Critical Factors You Need To Think About When Conducting International Market Research

International market research is now the norm. Large corporates are commissioning research projects that cover multiple countries at once, and in many different languages. Managing such large scale international market research projects bring with them several research implications to think about.
In a recent article published on our US site, Paul Hague introduces the 5

Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in the UK

According to research by the University of Manchester, long term residents in the Greater Manchester area now speak up to 200 different languages, making it one of the most linguistically diverse cities in the UK. Aside from English, some of the most spoken languages include Arabic, Chinese, Polish and Urdu.
The research reveals

Market Research Buyers in Asia – Singapore Overview

In March/April 2012, Asia Research (the industry journal for the market research industry in Asia) conducted its fifth annual survey of corporations in Asia who undertake market research through external firms. 108 interviews were conducted with individual research buyers in various corporations across Singapore, with some of the key findings summarized below:

The Challenges of Global Business-to-Business Promotions

This month, Campaign magazine published its second Going Global supplement. A number of experts in the field of branding gave us their thoughts on the issues that face those tasked with international branding. One of those experts was B2B International’s very own Paul Hague, who provided some advice for business-to-business marketers

UK Research Industry Holds Up

Hot on the heels of the ESOMAR Global Market Research report, the Market Research Society’s most recent survey of the profession reveals that the UK industry fared comparatively well in 2008. However, 2009 has brought its own challenges that may compromise industry growth this year.
In the face of

Cultural Differences And Knowing Your Market

In his latest Thursday Night Insight post, Matt Powell reflects on his experiences working in our China office and the difficulties inherent in conducting business across cultural boundaries.
I recently saw a TV advert from one of the world’s major banks that professes to its excellent local knowledge in every single country. 

Strong Growth for UK and International Market Research

Not every industry can boast strong growth this year.  And within each industry sector, not every geography will have experienced a great 12 months.  Yet we are pleased to report that the UK market research industry has this year grown by an impressive 6.2%.

Understanding Cultural Differences Across B2B Markets

Nick Hague this week takes us on a world tour, explaining why you should never be surprised to get such varied responses to your global customer satisfaction questions.

We tend to have a human instinct that ‘deep inside’ all people are the same – but they are not. Therefore,

Researching Markets In China – A Day In The Life

In his latest Thursday Night Insight, Alaric Fairbanks gives us a glimpse into his life conducting market research in China.
Our permanent Beijing office has been up and running for about two and a half years now, and over this period I have been asked by both colleagues and clients outside

Global Opportunities Abound

A recent article in BtoB Marketing – Thinking global may help U.S. marketers – argues that many emerging international markets still offer rich opportunities for domestic marketers, even in spite of the global economic downturn.
China in particular, is

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B2B International showed their customer satisfaction expertise in helping us identify and make improvements across our business.


The project team were efficient, responsive and very knowledgeable in the subject area. Analysis of the information was clearly thought through and provided some good insights and recommendations.