A quarter of the world’s gross domestic product comes from the USA. Add to this Canada and you have, in the North American continent, the largest concentration of wealth in the world.

Our market intelligence in North America

B2B International has researched American markets since the very first day we set up in business. We opened our first U.S. office – and our North American Headquarters – in New York in 2008. Some of the studies we carry out focus solely on the North American market, while others include the region alongside other international geographies.

We have gone on to build specialist fieldwork facilities out of the UK that serve the American market more efficiently than almost any other market research company.

Our approach

In North America, we carry out research using every tool in the business to business market researcher’s kit bag. Desk research sources in North America are probably the best in the world and we are experts at knowing where to look for intelligence that is already available. Telephone interviews and panel surveys provide primary quantitative and qualitative research, and we have carried out focus groups in every major economic centre.

North America Market Research


Our services

Some years ago, we were asked to pick up a market research project which had failed because the agency commissioned to carry it out was unable to obtain respondents’ cooperation to take part in telephone interviews.

We successfully completed the project from our UK telephone unit in record time, leveraging the skills of our specialist business to business interviewers – not to mention the interest created by their English accents.